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English Department Mission

Laney College’s English Department mission is to develop, expand, and refine students’ abilities to think critically and creatively about themselves and the world, and to use the English language as a tool for self -empowerment and social justice.

The English Department is the educational foundation for every student at Laney to excel. In light of this position, the English Department is inherently a collaborator with every department on the Laney campus. The English Department inspires students to read, write, and think critically and explore their identity through the written word. Through literature, students gain an understanding of our shared humanity; through a variety of textual modalities situated in historical and cultural contexts, students gain an understanding of being part of a larger universe and an appreciation of our diverse experiences.

Laney College English Department’s mission statement aligns with Laney College’s mission statement as both missions are rooted in social justice and are student centered focusing on supporting and inspiring our diverse student body to excel. Laney College English Department’s mission statement aligns with the PCCD’s mission statement as we collaborate with other departments to support students to excel and reach their desired goal, be it college transfer, degree or certificate completion, career, or personal enrichment.

Faculty in our department strive to

1) empower students to use language to achieve their educational, career and life goals;
) improve students’ skills in reading critically; writing thoughtfully, cogently and creatively, and researching questions of critical importance;
3) promote students’ fullest power of expression in cultural, academic, public and professional areas ;
4) prepare students to purposefully use language creatively and critically in their lives and careers including (but not limited to) transfer to four-year institutions and to complete college certificates and degrees.
5) provide students with multicultural perspectives that reflect our diverse student body and community.