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Special Admit Students

Steps For Concurrent K-12 Students

*Adult High School Students Click Here

Step 1

Speak With Your High School Counselor

Talk to your high school guidance counselor to choose a course that will help you reach your educational and professional goals.

Step 2

Apply To Laney

  • To begin the application process, you will need to create an account OR sign in to OpenCCC.
  • Click the Start New Application button to complete and submit a new Laney application and select the semester you intend to enroll in.
  • Make sure to indicate in the application that you’re currently in high school or lower.
  • Be sure to read through the instructions carefully to expedite processing. After submission, you will immediately receive an 8-digit confirmation number that starts with the number 2. (Save the confirmation number).
  • You will be emailed your 8-digit Peralta Student ID number, password and student email within 30 minutes after application submission.
  • A returning student will receive a Welcome Back email and their already established Student ID number.

Complete the Special Enrollment Form

*Once you have received your 8-digit Peralta Student ID Number

  • Download the Appropriate Special Enrollment Form (High School Student formElementary & Middle School Student form).
  • You, your parent/guardian and your school representatives must sign/approve the form.
  • Approvals can be e-signed or a typed name will suffice.
  • Home schooled students must get approved from their local school district.

Submit Your Special Enrollment Form

  • Email approved form and photo ID to or submit in person to the Laney Admissions & Records Office (Building A-109).
  • Forms submitted by email will have classes added within 2-3 business days.
  • English, Math, Chemistry and other prerequisites will need to be cleared by a Laney counselor before submission.
  • You can schedule a counseling appointment by calling (510) 464-3152, through Zoom by visiting or you can see a counselor in person on the 3rd floor of the Tower Building (check online for most up to date drop in hours).
Step 5

Complete the Online Orientation

First-time college students will need to complete the Orientation.
Go to

Step 6

Get Your Student ID Card & Semester Sticker

Bring a valid picture ID and your current class schedule as proof of enrollment to the Welcome Center and have your picture taken to be issued your student ID card and semester sticker.

Step 7

Purchase Your Textbooks

You can purchase your textbook at the Laney Bookstore located in the lower level of the Student Center or through the online bookstore.

Who can take special enrollment courses?

  • Students in High School or lower with the approval of their school representatives and a parent or guardian.

All courses taken become part of the students’ official college record.

  • This means special enrollment students have a big responsibility because their performance in these courses will be on their permanent record and can affect their admission to other colleges or universities, their eligibility for financial aid and their eligibility for athletics.

Tuition & Fees

  • Special admit students who are California residents will not be charged enrollment fees or any other college/district fees.
  • Home schooled students must get written approval from their local high school district.