Laney College

EOPS Program

EOPS Program

EOPS Program Services

EOPS provides a myriad of services to students, including:


AA/AS Degree, Certificate and Transfer Advisement

Career Counseling

Academic and Vocational Planning

Personal Counseling

Priority Registration for the Fall and Spring Semesters

Peer Advising

Student-to-Student Support

Problem Solving Referral

Monitoring Student Success and Compliance

Financial Assistance

Book Assistance

Vocational Supply Grants

End-of-Year Grants for all eligible students

Free Graduation Caps and gowns

Financial Aid Liaison


Contact with College and University Representatives

Campus Visits

Application Assistance

Career and Personal Development

Personal Statement Workshops taught by an EOPS Counselor

Career Life Planning Course taught by an EOPS Counselor

College Success Course taught by an EOPS Counselor

EOPS Eligibility

Eligibility for EOPS includes an evaluation of several areas. Admission is not automatic and eligibility does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Determination of EOPS eligibility requires documentation in most areas (transcripts and application for California Promise Grant).

Eligibility Requirements for EOPS:

*Enrollment in 12 units of more each semester
*California residency
*Meet income requirements (qualified for California Promise Grant and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from FAFSA = 0)
*Have completed LESS than 70 degree applicable units
*Meet educational criteria

Students interested in more information should contact the EOPS Office, Room A-106 at (510) 464-3423, or email us at
We have a limited number of applications available during the distribution dates on a first come first serve basis. Acceptance into the program will be based on Program Eligibility and Program Funding.


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