Laney College

Library Policy

Library Card
Your Laney College Photo ID card with a current semester sticker is your library card. You must show your card to the library staff to borrow library materials or use library computers.

Photo ID cards are issued at the Welcome Center, Room A-101. For current photo ID hours, check at the Loan Desk. To update a photo ID card with a sticker for the current semester, go to the Loan Desk or the Welcome Center (Room A-101)

Study Rooms

A limited number of group study rooms are available on the 3rd floor of the library for use by Laney College students. To request a group study room, go to the Loan Desk (Main Floor) and present your Laney photo ID with a current semester sticker to the desk attendant.

Reservations are accepted up to seven days in advance. Use of rooms is limited to two hours a day. Study rooms close before the library, so check at the Loan Desk for current hours.

Study Areas

1st Floor (Basement) — Computers available in L-101. Limited study space in hallway. Expect some noise disruption from nearby activities. For quiet study, use 4th Floor

2nd Floor (Main Floor) — Computers available for students. Limited study space in Reference Area, Exhibit Area and Browsing Area. Expect some noise disruption from nearby activities. For quiet study, use 4th Floor. Limited charging available in Reference Area.

3rd Floor — For individual and group study. Groups may use this area for conversation and collaboration. Charging available.

4th Floor — Quiet study area. No conversation. Keep phones on mute. Charging available at tables and carrels.

Library Fines (Reserve Textbooks)

The library enforces strict fines for overdue textbooks:

2-hour textbooks (library use only): $2 per hour overdue

2-day textbooks: $2 per day overdue

Reserve Rules : Finestopper

Lost Books
The library charges replacement fees plus processing fees for lost books. The library does not accept replacement books in lieu of payment for lost books. If a lost book is returned, the replacement fees will be waived. The library encourages borrowers to keep careful track of library materials and report losses immediately.

Service Animals
Click to read Administrative Procedure 3440 Service Animals approved by Peralta Community College District AP-3440-Service-Animals [PDF]

Book Donations
Due to reductions in staffing, the library no longer accepts donations of books or other library materials.