Laney College

About the Library

Library Mission

Laney College Library:

  1. Teaches students how to find and critically evaluate information.
  2. Provides an inclusive, equitable, and accessible space for inquiry, discovery, and reflection.
  3. Provides resources to support research and information needs for both onsite and distance learning.


Click to download LANEY LIBRARY ASSESSMENT PLAN (2020-2023) (PDF)

Library History

Laney College Library first opened its doors in September 1956.  At the time, the library was housed in a portable on the old 10th Street campus.

The old Laney Library circa 1960

The old Laney Library circa 1960









In January 1971, the library moved to its current location at 900 Fallon Street.

image: Laney Library Catalog, 1979-1981

A librarian searching the old card catalog (Source: Laney College Catalog, 1979-1981)