Photo 30: Photographic Art & Design

Main Panel shot © Carson French 2023

2024’s Fall Semester will offer this class Online!

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Photo: Art and Design

Professor Carolyn Janssen, with 10 years of academic experience, is a passionate instructor, creative coach, and creative professional. Professor Janssen shares her deep experience as an Art Director, Lecturer, and Digital Artist with a special penchant for Online classes. She has exhibited her work in publications and Galleries in the City, LA, NY, Amsterdam, and Madrid. Professor Janssen enjoys an enthusiastic following from her students.

© Steven Pitts 2023

Art & Design continues to be a very popular class. It has developed a rich component to our program. It enjoys strong devotion from its’ students as an interesting and safe place to learn about composition and share, in a supportive fashion, ideas about each other’s work.

Course Number: PHOTO 30A, 30B, 30C. Classes are concurrent. Units: 3. ONLINE

Prerequisite: Photo 71

Class: 3 hours lecture       Tuesday Evening Class (6pm-9pm)

30A: Beginning: (21253)

30B: Intermediate: (21254)

30C: Advanced: (21255)


© Tetiana Redko 2023


Acceptable for credit: CSU

Description: Production and presentation of photo images on a variety of subjects will be viewed and evaluated by the class. Students will experiment with style and subject matter. Use of symbols as visual language will be explored as well as various techniques in composition, lighting and color harmony.

Instructor: Carolyn Janssen.