No Photojournalism In Fall 2024!

Photojournalism 20 & 21

A group of children speak to a crowd at Life is Living festival in Oakland, California – October 11th, 2014

Course Number: PHOTO 20 & PHOTO 21 (20 is a prerequisite for 21.)
Units: 3. TBD

Photo 20 Lec  Lab

Photo 21 Lec   Lab

Class: 2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory
Prerequisite: (20 is a prerequisite for 21.)
Acceptable for credit: CSU
Description: Picture story concepts: Photo editing skills. Analysis of career opportunities for the photojournalist: Changing trends trends in the field. Advanced skill development in photojournalism and legal/ethical issues: Overview of legal and ethical concerns in photojournalism; portfolio development and presentation of advanced projects.

Instructor: TBD