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Professional Photography (evening)

Professional Photography (evening)

Already a working adult or student with time crunches? Do you want to sharpen your commercial edge or just follow your dreams? You will get expert instruction from a working professional instructor in our evening classes. Work with a group of dedicated students who continue to build their skills through this program.



Photo-240: Advanced Professional Photography

Course Number: PHOTO 240 A,B,C,D
Units: 2-2-2
Class: 1 hour lecture, 3 hours laboratory
Prerequisite: 230 A


Description: Development of commercial camera skills and lighting. Both studio and location shooting. Use of digital capture and lighting for fashion-portraiture, editorial, advertising, event and sports photography for production of the photographic images in-camera and through the digital process.

Instructed by : Franklin Avery  favery@peralta.edu

Instructed by: Mike Moya  mmoya@peralta.edu


Wednesday Evening

Room A178