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2021Spring-Biol 003 Microbiology optional labs schedule

BIOL 3 Mon and Wed RB Micro FALL 2020

Spring 2021 Microbiology as posted in online class schedule includes synchronous, live lab and lectures ( both for my class as well as Dr Pallavi’s class)

They will be delivered via Zoom and each lecture (as well as labs) will be recorded and uploaded in Canvas after class for your convenience.

There are few lab experiments planned for hands on experience as indicated on the dates; attendance on those labs is optional with no penalty if you don’t wish to attend those days

Strict rules per Alameda county PHD will be adhered to whilst conducting labs; each lab section will be divided into 2 groups to accomodate social distancing protocols etc.

In person lab activities would be conducted at Laney B 203 Microbiology lab and is planned for 5 labs only

I have uploaded copy of the FALL 2020 syllabus as well for your convenience. All sections ( 6 ) follows the lab schedules religiously.