Rebecca Bailey

physiology students work with interactive software

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A bit about me and my teaching philosophy…

I’ve been teaching at the community college level since 1992, and have been at Laney since 1996.  I’ve taught a variety of biology courses, but am most happy teaching Anatomy & Physiology.  I love my job, and feel extremely fortunate to be here at Laney.  Having gone to two large universities (Michigan State for my B.S. and San Diego State for my M.S. in Biology) I truly appreciate the unique and teaching-centered environment at Laney.  I am surrounded by people involved in various aspects of health care and education, and I try to bring all my knowledge – gained from my formal education, my continuing association with health care professionals, and personal experience – into the classroom in positive ways.

My courses are specifically designed for students going on to professional programs in health care fields.  Occasionally I get students who are not planning a career in health care.  All students who are willing to work hard and have an interest in the human body are welcome.

students view cells through a microscope

My goal for my students is that they come to understand the human body in a way that will allow them to comprehend clinical applications, and be active in patient education.  The ability to bridge the gap between medical knowledge and the average patient’s knowledge is extremely important in making patients feel secure, well cared for, and less stressed.  These positive feelings facilitate the healing process.

In my classes, you will build a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to move on to professional school and further your understanding of the human body.  You will learn structure and function of humans from the molecular to the whole body level.  I emphasize the importance of seeing both the big picture and the details.  But, it is not just about learning the material.  It is also about learning how to think about and process information of this type.  It is about gaining the skills and the discipline you need to be successful in your career and life in general.  If you do well in my classes, I am confident that you will be well prepared for the next step in your education.

I teach advanced level courses, and I have high expectations of my students.  I believe having high expectations encourages students to do their best, and usually they find they do better than they thought they could.  If you ask a former student, most of them would agree I’m tough but reasonable and fair.  At this advanced level, I feel it is important for me to guide you in a way that allows you to work things out for yourself – organizing your own time, thinking your way through challenges, taking responsibility for your education.  It is not easy, but it is tremendously rewarding.  You will work hard in my classes, and you will learn a great deal and enjoy it as well.  Okay, there will be moments where you are not exactly enjoying it, but most of the time you will!  And you’ll appreciate what you’ve gained from your hard work.

For more information on what I expect from students and from myself as a teacher, please see the Biology Instructors’ Credo.