Welding Technology

Welding Technology

General Information

The Welding Technology Program introduces students to both the theoretical and manipulative skills necessary to perform in a broad range of welding careers. Students practice several different types of manual welding and learn the technical and scientific aspects of the welding process.

Processes include SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and OAW/OFC

Fall 2021

The Laney College Welding Department is planning to have course offered in the Fall 2021 (late August Start). The course will include face to face (in person) laboratory and online lectures. Please keep in mind that the Pandemic is a dynamic situation and that our schedule and course offerings may change as needed to safeguard the community. COVID specific protocols will be instituted during the semester.



Lecture will be held online via Zoom or be asynchronous (video lectures).


Homework and Supplemental Materials

All of our course materials will have an online component via CANVAS, including quizzes, homework, discussion, readings, video reference material etc.


Computer Access

Chrome book computers are available on a loaner program with the college.

Go to:

Laney College Chromebook Lending Program




Because of the Pandemic, Laboratories will be held in three compact sessions.

Each session will meet for approximately 5 weeks, 4 days a week. This schedule allows us to minimize risk with respect to COVID exposure. We will have safety protocols specific to COVID mitigation in addition to our safety protocols for welding.


Lab time Session 1

Approx First 5 weeks

Session 2

Approx Second 5 weeks

Session 3

Approx Third 5 weeks

9am -12:30pm Weld 204/211
2pm-5pm Weld 205 Weld 203/221 Weld 204/211
6pm-9pm Weld 205 Weld 203/221

Weld 204/211

Weld 204/211



  • Weld XXX/yyy indicates that both courses are offered but you may only take one course during any time period.
  • Weld 203, 204, 211, 221 all have multiple levels, ie. a-b-c. You can take an “a” level in session 2 and a “b” level in session 3.
  • For a given course, you cannot take sequential levels, ex. “a” and “b” level, in the same session.
  • Weld 205 is the Introduction to Welding course, recommended first course.
  • Weld 215, Welding for ECT Technicians will be offered on Sat.


Personnel Protective Equipment

All students must have their own Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).

See the section on PPE for a full description.

If you cannot afford a Helmet, we can loan you a helmet for the laboratory session.

Please contact your instructors if you are having difficulty procuring your PPE.


Required PPE under COVID restrictions

  • Helmet: all course, except weld 221 A-B
  • Gas welding goggles: Weld 205 and 221 A-B
  • Welding Gloves: required for all courses, specific types for each course
      • Weld 203, GTAW: TIG gloves
      • Weld 205 Introduction to Welding: medium weight MIG gloves
      • Weld 204, GMAW: MIG gloves
      • Weld 211, SMAW: MIG gloves or heavy weight gloves
      • Weld 221 OAW: medium weight MIG gloves
  • Safety glasses: polycarbonate, ANSI 87.1,
  • Ear plugs: washable silicone with lanyard
  • Breathing protection: Half mask Respirator with p100 or N95 mask, required under COVID.
  • Welding Jacket: preferred either Fire Retardant (FR) cotton or leather welding jacket
  • Welding cap for head: all cotton
  • Long Pants: cotton/denim
  • Closed Toe Leather Shoes: preferred either work boots or steel toe