Opportunities for High School Students

LSI and Dual Enrollment

Check out the “iDesign – ST” Intro to Manufacturing class for high school students — part of the Laney Summer Institute (LSI)

Regarding Covid19 updates, please check back to see when the Career Education Department at Laney College (Oakland) will once again be offering a number of programs for interested high school students in the Bay Area.

The programs range from 3 to 5 weeks long and are focused on informing students about different career pathways through hands-on activities. We have “priority” programs for high school students, as well as regularly-scheduled introductory classes that, while open to all, are good entry-level classes for high school students. For the HS Priority programs, others may apply and if space is available, may be admitted. Come visit us at one of Laney’s Open House to learn more about our programs.


Dual Enrollment

For more information about how to enroll as a high school student and get college credit and job training Currently we offer dual enrollment classes in Wood Technology at Fremont High School. You can search for current class schedule here.  For Spring 2021, Wood Technology is on page 80. Don’t follow the links on the bottom “Explore our departments” it will just bring you back to this page!