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College Catalog

Welcome to the Laney College Course Catalog webpage. The most recent catalog, as well as previous catalogs, can be downloaded in PDF format from the links below. Need Adobe Reader? Click here to download for free.

The finalized 2017-18 Laney College Course Catalog is here!

Click image to view as flip book or, you can download document as a PDF here.Cover of Laney College Catalog 2017 2018

Previous Catalogs:

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Addendum to Catalog (2017-)

Course Updates:
Department Course Number Title Type of Update Effective Semester Part of a Certificate/Program
 ARCH  200  Special Projects Laboratory Changed Description  Summer 2018 n/a
  E/ET  218  Commercial Wiring  Changed Recommended Prep to Prerequisite  Summer 2018  n/a


Program (Associate Degree and Certificate) Updates:
Program Update Effective Semester
ASAME–Asian and Asian American Studies Associate of Arts Program Modified (Program of Study Changed) Fall 2017