How to Apply for PD Funds

How to Apply for PD Funds

Full- and part-time faculty can apply for up to $1000 per year.

Classified Staff can apply for up to $600 per year.

Here are the steps to apply for Professional Development funding for conferences, classes, workshops and other appropriate uses:

1.Complete the Funding Request form and required attachments. –It’s newly revised, so please use this one!

2.Complete Part/Tab 1 of the Peralta District Travel Request / Expense Claim Form with your own signature, and your Dean’s or supervisor’s signature.

3.Deliver the forms in person to Pak Ho in the Business Office (B-216) for review–or by email to pho@peralta.edu. (See below for deadlines/lead-time.) –Pak will review the two forms, and either return them to you, or forward them to the Committee Chairperson.

4.Submit PRINT COPIES of the two forms, along with all required documentation (see the Request Form for explanation), to the Professional Development mailbox in the Tower building lobby, or to committee chair Chris Weidenbach in Tower #550.

5. For reimbursement, you must return all receipts to Pak Ho in the Business Office on the second floor of the Tower, #216. Then you will be reimbursed.


Deadlines/Lead-Time for Applications for Professional Development Funds


Our committee has recently significantly shortened the timeline for reimbursement requests!

Funding requests should be submitted prior to published dates of any events, with a suggested lead-time of one month. –This enables the Committee to consider requests for approval during our bi-weekly meetings, and in time to advance these requests through other levels of approval.

Late applications must be accompanied by a letter of justification explaining why the application is late. A letter of justification does not guarantee that the application will be approved by the President or her designee.




  1. Awards for full-time and part-time faculty are limited to a maximum of $1000 per person in any academic year. All faculty are eligible. Awards for classified staff are limited to a maximum of $600 per person in any academic year. All classified staff are eligible.
  2. Funds are allocated to defray in part costs associated with tuition, conference fees, travel, local mileage or public transportation, meals and lodging incurred by Laney College personnel.
  3. Funds are divided among fall and spring semesters.  If funding is still available, requests for summer activities will be considered at the last two spring semester meetings.
  4. Multiple applications to the same conference will be considered as a group and whenever possible should be submitted together.

Funds will not be allocated for:

  1. Faculty on leave without pay
  2. Part-time faculty who are not currently teaching at Laney for the semester
  3. Travel or lodging expenses for invited guests