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Biology 1B – General Biology for Majors

Biology 1B – General Biology for Majors

General Biology for Majors (BIOL 1B)

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This class is the second semester of a year long Biology course designed for folks who would like to continue their studies in Biology or for advanced health care fields. As a field Biologist myself, I focus on being outside and experiencing nature firsthand. Biology is always changing, which is what I like best, so I try to bring in new ideas and current research into class.

Units: 5

Class: 3 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory (GR)

Prerequisite BIOL 1A
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC
Description: Continuation of BIO 1A Origin of life, evolution, classification, plant structure and function, and ecology 0401.00
AA/AS area 1 CS area B2, B3 IGETC area 5B, 5C (C-ID BIO 140; 130S)

If you are taking my class, the majority of the information is on the Canvas site associated with the class. Here are the syllabus and calendar to get you started.

BIOL 1B FALL 2019 Bohorquez

BIOL 1B Calendar 2019-20

If you need assistance in buying books: Emergency Book Voucher Program_081716


Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the complexity of ecosystems, the component parts and humans place in the ecosystem. Critique current methods of dealing with ecosystems and ecological issues through discussion and seminar papers.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of continued threats to our global ecosystems and appraise individual efforts in environmental issues.
  • Explain how all organisms are connected by cell structure, energy sources and evolutionary lineage in class discussion and on exams. Correlate information on cell structure and animal systems learned in Bio 1A with evolutionary lineage discussed in Bio 1B.
  • Synthesize the information in class on ecology, evolution and organismal diversity in a research paper and oral presentation on a given topic.
  • Write clear, well organized lab reports. Draw accurate representations of microscope slide images to identify organisms of the living world in the laboratory. Analyze the results of laboratory experiments and evaluate sources of experimental error.

If you are currently enrolled in BIOL 1B at Laney, the course should appear in Canvas. Please let me know if it does not show up!