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Biology 28 – Nutrition

Biology 28 – Nutrition

Welcome to my Biol 28 website. Throughout the semester I will post more information on this site for your class. For now, here is the syllabus for this semester:

28 Syllabus Fall 2013

Nutrition Grades Page



Food Product Analysis

Making Healthy Choices When Dining Out (extra credit)

here is a website to find nutritional information at chain restaurants: Nutritional Facts Website

Here are blank excel spreadsheets to help you complete your Nutrition Charts

Homework article analysis: Nutrition Article Analysis Homework

This is the article we will be using:


Dietary Analysis software

Here is a handout with directions for your assignment: Dietary Analysis Guide– You can make your own plan for food intake, exercise, etc. Just sign up for SuperTracker, input your daily food choices and click Nutrient Report (under My Reports) for an analysis.

* Remember the worksheet for the dietary analysis is the second tab in the Nutrition Charts file listed above, the Daily Values chart is the first tab


Lecture Slide Guides: Here are the guides to the slides we’ll cover in class

First Night of Class: Introduction to Nutrition 8.2013

Establishing Guidelines

Week 2: Carbohydrates

Week 3: Lipid Slides

Week 4: Protein Slides

Week 6:Digestion

Week 7: Water Slide

Week 8: Vitamins and Minerals Slides,  Nutritional Supplements

Week 9: Alcohol Slides

Week 10: Obesity Slides  

Week 12: Sport’s Nutrition Slides

Week 13: Eating Disorders

Week 14: Nutrition Through Life Stages

Week 15: Food Safety Slides


Study Guides for Exams:

Study Guide for Exam 1 Spr 13

Study Guide for Exam 2 Spr 13

Study Guide for Exam 3 Spr 13

Student Test Questions – updated 12/10

Events around town

People’s Grocery Garden Day:

WHEN: Saturday May 4, 2013 11:00am-2:00pm
WHERE: 3501 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA (35th and Chestnut behind the California Hotel in West Oakland)

Food Matters @ Merritt College. Here’s the website with more information:


Interesting Websites and Books:

This website has a lot of information from genes and nutrition to behavioral eating patterns:

Grace Communication Foundation – highlights food, water, sustainability issues:

The Oakland Institute – A local policy think-tank that writes a lot about the intersection of food security and land rights in global south communities.

Food First – Another local policy and advocacy think-tank that focuses more on food security and issues such as indigeneity, poverty, ecological degradation and hunger.

Stuff and Starved by Raj Patel – Author and advocate for just global food systems.

This book covers the pros and cons of a Locavore diet –


Videos of lectures and podcasts of interest:

If you always wondered who is studying the affects of sugar, Robert Lustig at UCSF is not only a leading researcher, but you can hear him talk about it here:

UCSF lecture on Supplements by Ellen Hughes:

Planet Money-

“Lard Podcast”:
“Chinese Oreos podcast”:



Articles of Interest:

Here are two concerning intestinal bacteria and weight loss


Marketing to people who are overweight:




GMO corn (try copy pasting if it doesn’t link correctly) –


Childhood obesity and soda:


Drinking too much Diet Coke :


Here are some articles about High Fructose Corn Syrup: – obesity – teens and cardiovascular health – overall heart health – pancreatic cancer – link to diabetes;jsessionid=1276DAF76339BE17D4302763D53FA4A0.d01t01 – fatty liver