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Biology 10/11 – Non-majors Biology

Biology 10/11 – Non-majors Biology

General Biology 10 & Introduction to Biology 11

Biol 10 is great place to start if you are familiar with science or had strong science classes in high school.  If not, you may want to focus on your math and English skills before taking this class, then come in when your ready. This class can be overwhelming if you are not prepared, so feel free to talk to us about it first.

BIOL 10 day sections are taught by Amy Bohorquez and Dr. Leslie Blackie. The evening section is taught by Dr. Riva Bruenn (rbruenn@peralta.edu).

BIOL 11 (this course doesn’t have a lab) is taught as a hybrid by Dr. Kevin Davis (kdavis@peralta.edu) online by Laurie Allen-Requa (lallenrequa@peralta.edu) and Margaret Kenrick (mkenrick@peralta.edu)

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Me and Sue in Chicago

Amy and Sue in Chicago

Course Descriptions

Bio 10: Fundamentals of biology for the non-majors: Scientific inquiry, biological chemistry, cell structure and function, DNA genetics, evolution and ecology, and an overview of living organisms. Includes laboratory exercises designed to complement lectures.

Bio 11: Fundamentals of biology for the non-majors: Scientific inquiry, biological chemistry, cell structure and function, DNA genetics, evolution and ecology, and an overview of living organisms.

Dr. Blackie explaining a lab activity




Here’s the syllabus & calendar for the day section of Biol 10: BIOL 10 BlackieBohorquez FALL 2019 & BIOL 10 Calendar for 2019-20 and for the night section: BIOL-10-Bruenn-Fall-2019.  Here is the syllabus for the online sections taught by Margaret Kenrick: BIOL 11_42013_MKenrick Fall 2019


Lecture Notes

Here are the lecture notes for class by testing section. There are study questions at the end of each topic. We provide both once you are registered in the class. You can also print out some of the pages if you’d like to get a head start.

Lecture Notes BIOL 10 5.16.18

Lab Manual

Here is the lab manual we will be using this semester.

BIOL 10 lab manual 2019

Study Questions

To encourage you to utilize the study guide to its fullest, you can earn points by answering all the questions on the study guide. To earn full credit, you must write out the question then write out a complete answer. This may be a word, a sentence, or a long complex answer so be thorough. Try using a separate piece of paper for each section. You can get credit for completing one of the three, but we’re hoping that once you see how much it improves your scores you do this for all the tests. Due the day of the lecture exam.


Canvas as Support

We all use Canvas as a means of providing support material like practice quizzes, video explanations and other support material. Be sure to check it out!


Student Learning Outcomes

BIOL 10 and 11

  • Differentiate between a hypothesis and a theory
  • Discuss the principles of biology as the study of living things including biological hierarchies, classification of living things, chemical processes of the cell and organisms. Multiple choice questions given online (quizzes) and on exams.
  • Read and discuss articles related to current issues in biology. Form opinions on these issues and express and defend those opinions biologically in discussions and written essays.

BIOL 10 specific

  • Improve confidence in scientific knowledge and ability to apply knowledge to related situations.
  • Cooperate with others working as a group, delegate work to others, collaborate with group.
  • Use equipment correctly and care for them properly.


Cool Science Stuff:

Scale of the Universe Website: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/589217

Powers of Ten Website: http://powersof10.com/

Cool video about plants and water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BickMFHAZR0

Cool video on DNA: http://vimeo.com/60747882

here’s a cool article about the brain: http://home.physics.ucla.edu/~arisaka/home/Introduction/Consciousness/


Extra Credit

Lake Clean Up – every Saturday at the Sailboat House