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Welcome to ESL

Welcome to ESL

The ESL Department at Laney provides the foundation skills in English for a large percentage of the community, addressing the needs of immigrants who arrive in the Bay Area, international students, and multilingual students who have received most of their education in the U.S. (Generation 1.5). The department supports the individual learning of each student to improve his/her ability to speak and understand both oral and written English; to develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; and to appreciate and be successful in an American cultural environment.

The accelerated ESL core curriculum, developed by the Peralta ESL Advisory Council (PEAC), allows students to succeed at a rate that works for their level of proficiency.

It is a four level program— from High Beginning to Advanced and offers an A and B course at each level. The core courses at each level are designed to allow students to accelerate through the A levels, thus finishing the program in 4 semesters while providing up to 8 semesters to those students who need more time to acquire the language skills.

In addition, within the new ESL curriculum, we offer two semesters of a cohort of classes at the high beginning level. The first semester cohort is ESL 283A, High Beginning Listening and Speaking, ESL 284A, High Beginning Grammar, ESL 254A, Vocabulary and Spelling, and ESL 287A, English Language Skills for Technology.  The second semester of the cohort is ESL 283B, High Beginning Listening and Speaking, ESL 284B, High Beginning Grammar, ESL 286A, Basic Pronunciation, and ESL 287B, English Language Skills for Technology.

These cohorts offer a program of study for students scoring lower than the cut-off score for high beginning ESL so that they can build a foundation in the vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and also develop knowledge of community college culture, and familiarity with ESL instruction required for classroom participation in an eventual completion of the ESL Program at Laney College.