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Before applying for the California College Promise Grant, you must first have an OpenCCC Account.California College Promise Grant Application

Once you successfully submit the application, please send a copy of the application via email to to ensure timely processing.

California College Promise Grant Resources: Student Financial Assistance

Laney – California College Promise Program (AB 19)

Welcome to the California College Promise Program (CCPP) webpage at Laney College. Before describing the eligibility and benefits of this program, it is important to make a distinction between two similar sounding programs at Laney College i.e., The California College Promise Program (CCPP) and California College Promise Grant (CCPG). They have similar acronyms, however, the two programs are different in a few ways. The CCPG which was formerly known as Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver, this grant waives enrollment fees for low income students at Laney and across the state of California.

On the other hand, the CCPP at Laney College is designed to assist middle to high income (as opposed to low income) students who are enrolled full-time (12 units or equivalent) by providing them student support services such as counseling and financial aid. Eligible students may be eligible for the AB19 retention grant and other emergency funds to assist them to persist and succeed at Laney College.

In most instances, the CCPP eligible students do not qualify for the CCPG or the Pell grant. And they are also not eligible for the other support services provided for low income students such as those by Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) or other similar categorical programs. Therefore, the CCPP at Laney is designed to bridge this gap and provide a similar ecosystem and support for students through AB 19 funding to ensure they are able to overcome any barriers to their educational success. The California College Promise was created by the State of California in under the legislative provisions of AB 19 and AB 2 with the following legislative intent below.

The California College Promise is a commitment to:

· Increasing the number and percentage of high school students who are prepared for and attend college directly from high school.

· Increasing the percentage of students who earn associate degrees or career technical education certificates.

· Increasing the percentage of students who successfully transfer from a community college to the California State University or the University of California.

· Reducing and eliminating achievement gaps for students from groups that are underrepresented at the California Community Colleges.

Eligibility for the California College Promise Program (CCPP) at Laney College:

To qualify for the program, students must:

1. Complete the FAFSA or DREAM Act application and not eligible for Pell grant and/or CCPG.

2. Be a First time student ( i.e., have not earned more than 30 units) OR __Second year student (i.e., more than 30 units attempted, but less than 60 units earned) and received AB19 grant during the 1st year.

3. Enrolled fulltime (i.e., 12 or more units or equivalent) per semester.

4. Be a California resident.

5. Major is at Laney College as home school.

Students who meet the eligibility requirements above can complete the AB 19 application form by clicking  AB 19 Application Form and emailing the form to or drop off the form at the Laney College Financial Aid Office (A201) or Office of the Dean of Enrollment Service (A101B).

AB 19 Application Form

Benefits of the Program:

1. Financial Aid: Students who are approved to participate in the program will qualify for the AB 19 retention and other grants based on funding availability. For example, California College Promise Program (AB 19) retention grant at Laney College is based on enrollment for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters and other eligibility factors. To be eligible, students should be enrolled full-time and meet other eligibility requirements.

2. Counseling and other services: Students are also eligible to receive counseling services to complete and update the Student Education Plans (SEP). In addition, other student support services can also be provided as needed.

Mutual Commitment Agreement:

Students are eligible to receive financial aid support for two years, which is equivalent to the first 60 units of education at Laney (and other Peralta Colleges) as long as Laney College is the home school or where they intend to graduate or receive their degree or certificate. However, to continue receiving support, students will be required to access and sign the commitment agreement below:

Commitment agreement form

To continue receiving the AB 19 retention grant and other services, students will be required to the complete the form and agree to the terms provided, sign and return via email to or the California College Promise Program Counselor contact listed below:


Freddie Ika, MSW
Adjunct Counselor, CCP Program
Location: Building A Rm 108
Phone: 510-464-3146
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8 am to 5 pm

NEW SUMMER SEMESTER 2020-2021 OFFICE HOURS Mon: 8:00AM-4:30PM Tue: 8:00AM-4:30PM Wed: 8:00AM-4:30PM Thurs: 8:00AM-4:30PM