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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy programs, workshops, webinars have been created to reflect the most current and relevant information on money management for college students. The information will empower students to make wise financial decisions while studying at Laney College and establish the foundation for a successful financial future.

Below are financial literacy resources that you can take advantage of.

iGrad is a  financial literacy tool to help you:

  • Fund your education
  • Budget, save, and manage income
  • Plan for study abroad opportunities to experience new cultures and/or learn a new language
  • And, much more!

Click here or on the image below to access the site. Please sign up for this exciting journey to create your life by developing your financial knowledge, and independence!



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Through Laney College, you now have access to USA Funds® Life Skills®, a free online learning program that offers you advice for managing your time and money wisely while on campus and after graduation.   Click on the lesson(s) that Laney has assigned to you or ones that you are interested in to begin learning program:

     1.  Laney College Enhanced Loan Counseling

     2.  Laney College SAP Appeal

     3.  Laney College Federal Work-Study

     4.  Laney College Financial Literacy






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Financial Management:

40 Money Management Tips

Determining Your Annual Net Cost Worksheet

Monthly Budget Worksheet

Emergency Fund Worksheet

Debt Recovery Worksheet

Savings Goal Worksheet

Needs vs. Wants Worksheet

Budgeting for Life After College Worksheet


Life Skills:

Apartment Features Worksheet

Comparing Checking Accounts Worksheet

10 Steps to Balancing Your Checking Acct Worksheet

Moving Checklist Worksheet

Pet Expenses Worksheet



Job Priorities Worksheet

Job Comparison Worksheet

Job Application Worksheet


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