Serious About Dance?

"5, 6. 7, 8... Dancers exist in a perpetual state of learning"

Serious About Dance?

“We Inspire. Nurture. & Empower”

D100 is more than a dance studio… it’s a sanctuary.

It is where one can grow not only as a student of dance, but as an artist. It’s where one can explore, create, connect, and reflect with depth and permeability. It’s where mistakes can be made without judgments and new ideas can take root.  Our program prepares developing artist for dynamic and innovative careers in dance.   


The Department of Dance offers an Associate Arts Degree in dance that provides an extensive curriculum in dance theory and practice which meets most CSU/UC transfer requirements. The A.A. program gives an interdisciplinary concentration to students through dance in the context of a broader education within the Liberal Arts. Students have opportunities in dance composition; performance; production; historical and cultural perspectives; global exchange; multimedia forms of expression and other integrating technologies. Completion of the A.A. program prepares students to pursue various careers in the performing arts and, with additional courses, transfer into higher education. For the Associate Arts Dance Degree, students must complete the General Education pattern and the degree major course work for a total of 60 units. Students wishing to continue to transfer to the CSU or UC system should meet with a counselor to develop a transfer plan which addresses all general education and lower-division transfer requirements.  See link below.

Career Opportunities

Transfer to Post-secondary Performing Arts Programs, Colleges and Universities. Dance/Fitness Instructor opportunities in public and private and dance studios, after school programs, academy’s, seasonal long and short-term arts programs, gyms, academic arts settings.

Choreography and Performance opportunities: (dance companies, television, movies, media/video, performing arts programs, etc.)

Earn from: $25.00 an hour to >>>>>

See your counselor for more information:

  • Core Curriculum
  • Required Activity Courses
  • Elective Courses
  • Note: A minimum of 19 units are required for the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes for the Dance AA:

Students who achieve an associate dance degree will be able to:

  • Communication: Students will be able to analyze, write and speak about historical, theoretical and cultural dimensions of multiple dance genres.
  • Dance Mechanics: Students will recognize and apply basic anatomical and kinesthetic structure and function for more efficient and sustainable dancing.
  • Choreography: Students will develop an articulate individual choreographic voice by expressing themselves creatively through dance composition and performance.
  • Musicality: Students will identify, analyze and demonstrate movement as related to musical structure.

Grade Points: A = 4 Points B = 3 Points C = 2 Points D = 1 Point F = No Point/Credit