Dance Photo Gallery

"Dance is above all, a form of theatre. And like theatre, it's unpredictable" - Norman Lloyd

Dance Photo Gallery

Silenced By Gender: Jacqueline Burgess, 1997.



















And Still We Dance… “40 Years & Growing Stronger” 2012

Sweet in the Morning: Jacqueline Burgess, 2011.

New Resources:  Jacqueline Burgess, 2009.

The Voyage: Jacqueline Burgess, 1982.

Ain’t No Turning Back – Harriet Tubman:  2016

For Them: Carolyn Himes, 2011.

Beauty’s Only Skin Deep: Jacqueline Burgess, 2008.

Nocturnal Beings:  Jacqueline Burgess, 1985.

Buguerunbou: Dr. Zakarya Diouf, 1967.

A Twist on Swan Lake: Carolyn Himes, 2017.

Common Enemy: Andrea Lee & Modern Jazz Class, 2012.

Sunday Morning: Jacqueline Burgess, 1982.

Sweat: Byrd Duckett, 2010

Carnival!!:  Halima Mahdee, 2018

Harlequins @ Play: Jacqueline Burgess, 2007.

Red Hot Tapper:  Skylar Cork, 2015                                                                             



Sokho:  Dr. Zakarya Diouf, 2018