What We Do @ Laney!

"In the Name of Dance"

What We Do @ Laney!

Throughout its history, the Department of Dance has been steadfast in providing students with access to an education of the highest caliber, in addition to offering an Associate Arts Dance Degree.  The department prides itself on its commitment to high pedagogy standards, diversity, inclusivity and academic excellence.  Even with declining enrollment, a small faculty, and no IAs; 

“We Inspire. Nurture. & Empower.”

It is our charge to ignite student creativity, artistic development, choreographic exploration and personal growth by cultivating new ways of thinking.  The department continues to raise funds and seek donations to supplement production cost, provide master classes, workshops and scholarships to deserving students. It is because of you and your continued support that drives us to keep Laney’s rich and diverse culture of dance on the cutting edge of innovation. Our program offers many courses, including our Study Abroad program which advocates global education and cultural integrity. We are continuously refining our student recruitment, community outreach, and development of collaborating partnerships, while sponsoring:

  • And Still We Dance… Fall & Spring Concerts
  • Our annual All Day High School Dance Workshop
  • Offering Concurrent & Dual Enrollment for HS students
  • Oakland Ballet Collaboration & Dance Series
  • Afro-Cuban Dance Workshop Series
  • High School Instructor’s Dance Conference
  • Celebrating Bay Area Dance Week
  • Celebrating Black History Month
  • The Annual Kwanza Village Project
  • Laney Collaborations: Photography, Cosmetology, & English Depts.
  • Hosting Monthly Master Dance Classes & Workshops
  • The monthly newsletter, News From D100.                           

The Legacy Continues, 2012 – Take Five & Kick Back

Laney Dancers Making New Art!
Dancing On Fallon Street!

Okay dancers… heads back!


Dear Dance Educator;    

The Department of Dance is again kicking off the 1st day of Bay Area Dance Week by hosting an

All Day Dance Workshop for high school students on Friday, April 24th 2020. 

We would like to cordially invite you and your students to participate in this exciting event.  It’s an excellent opportunity for high school students interested in dance to meet, study, and exchange creative ideas with other students in the greater Bay Area. We will be offering three master classes taught by renowned dance instructors at no cost to you or your students. Please encourage your students to be on time, take and complete all of the classes. To ensure positive energy for all, please remind students of proper Dance Class Etiquette: wear proper dance attire – no street clothes, some classes may require bare feet – no socks, no sitting during class unless instructed to do so, and no gum, food or texting during a class.  The workshop will conclude with informal school presentations.  If your students plan to show a work, please fill out the enclosed form.  Registration and sign-in will be in front of D100/Dance Studio.

                                                 Workshop Class Schedule

Arrival & Registration                                                                                                       8:25am – 8:55am

Hula                                                                                                                                      9:00am – 10:30am

Hip-Hop                                                                                                                              10:35am – 12:05pm

Nutritional Break                                                                                                             12:05pm  – 12:25pm

Beg. Break Dance                                                                                                               12:30pm – 2:00pm

School Presentations                                                                                                       2:15pm – 2:45pm

Student Reflections                                                                                                            2:45pm – 3:00pm             

                                           About The Instructors

Denice Simpson Braga started her training under Jacqueline Burgess at El Cerrito High School and is an alumnus of Laney College going on to obtain her BA from SFSU in Black Studies and MA from UCLA in World Arts & Cultures with an emphasis on Dance Education.  She is currently a principal dancer with Dimensions Dance Theater, where she also teaches ballet.  In addition to Jazz and Modern dance, Traditional West African and Ballet dance forms, Denice has been trained in kahiko & ‘auana styles of hula under Kumu Hula Momi Cruz-Losano while living in Wai’anae, HI.  She has continued her studies on the mainland with Kumu C. Pomaika’i and more recently with Mau Loa Hula.

Jennifer Frazier began her formal training at an early age, studying Lyrical Jazz, Modern dance and Ballet. She is a graduate of Skyline High School Performing Arts Academy, where she studied under the leadership of Dawn James. She has performed, as well as, taught throughout the U.S., Spain and Japan.  For many years, she was a principal dancer and longtime instructor at New Style Motherlode dance studio in Oakland, CA. She also served as the Director of Dance at the Love Center Ministry.  Jennifer is skilled at working with students of all ages, while extracting the best technique and showmanship they have to offer.

Gideon Mekwunye is a graduate of Skyline High School Performing Arts Academy, where he studied Modern Jazz dance technique under the leadership of Dawn James. He has performed, as well as, taught Breakdancing throughout the U.S., Spain and Japan. Gideon is a Laney College Dance Major who will be graduating Spring 2021

Best Regards,

Jacqueline Burgess, M.A.   (510) 464-3480  

Dance Production celebrates Halloween!

The little ones from the local Day Care Center were surprised with No tricks… but were given lots of treats!

DP students performed two works in progress from their upcoming Fall concert – And Still We Dance…

In addition to giving a special performance of “Thriller”.

As the little ones departed, their Halloween bags were filled with lots of goodies!

Brazilian Movement/Music/Capoeira Workshop:  Isaura Oliveira

South East Asian (Balinese) Master Dance Class taught by:

Emiko Saraswati Susilo        

The students loved the master class, noting that it was not as easy as it looked!



Laney Makes National News!

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