Our Mission!

Our Mission!


  • Develop 21st-century intercultural competencies-premiere skills employers seek.
  • Travel and see the world! Full semester (18 weeks abroad) for students, educators & community 
  • Unleash “self.” Most people don’t.


Preserve the history and integrity of the dance discipline.

Deliver socially responsive pedagogy rooted in both dance theory and practice.

Present culturally diverse dance perspectives, genres, and foundational techniques.

Maintain safe spaces for students to indulge in the creative process, constantly.

Honor student’s choreographic voice.

Embolden students with 21st century intercultural competencies and job market skills, applicable to any chosen field.

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Featured classes: Dance 6, 64,65, 66, 67, 68,69, 70, 71- Dance Production, mixed level Modern & Jazz

Performers: Laney dance students enrolled in modern-jazz