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Chapter 01

Chapter objectives: Chapter 1 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes: B&L Chapter 01

Chapter related handouts and worksheets:

Supplemental problems (optional!)

  1. A mixture of problems from Chapter 1 & 2: until I can correct this 5c should read 7.913 x 10^7 Js; which is the same as 79.13 MJs  CH1 Supplement problems
  2. Dimensional analysis:  CH1 Dracula’s dinnerCH 1 Dimensional analysis
  3. Sig fig /sci note worksheets: CH1 Sci note wsCH1.sf work sheet.CH1.simple sf cal

Informational handouts

  1. Conversion factors useful for problem solving, and examples of exact vs inexact numbers  CH1.exact vs inexact list-1a
  2. Do you know how? How to use your calculator
  3. Metric multiples need for the exam CH1 Metric multiples
  4. Examples of physical vs chemical properties CH1.physical vs chemical
  5. How to convert powers to metric prefixes [on the exam] working with powers and stuff
  6. Knowing Intermediate Algebra: What does knowing Intermediate Algebra mean
  7. An example of significant figures and precision: Changes: added some practice, fixed unit errors.Uncertainty in Measurement
  8. CH1.Thermometer:Using a thermometer
  9. Why is it called Celsius?
  10. Thermometer/temperature ws: CH1.Thermometer(1)
  11. an example of the scientific method: CH1: Scientific method, clothes
  12. Millie meter: A metric fairy table to get you in the mood for prefixes:millie metric
  13. working with mixtures: mixtures 1
  14. classifying matter:mixtures 2

Chapter drills:   

Drills for chapter 1

Videos that are interesting: