Laney College

Contacting Me

Contacting Me

Face-to-Face Classes

  • For face-to-face classes, I prefer to do student contact in person
  • My office hours during the Fall and Spring semesters are MWTh 1-2pm, T 4-5pm
  • My office hour is usually spent in the B207 lab, and I cannot be reached by phone in that room
  • Current face-to-face students should NOT use e-mail for questions regarding the course, including material missed when absent or test material – please see me in class or during office hours
  • Current students may use e-mail to inform me of your situation if you are ill or otherwise out of class for an extended period
  • If you are not a current student and cannot come to see me in person you may use e-mail
  • If you are trying to contact me over a break you may use e-mail, but please be aware that I do not check messages as often when school is not in session
  • I do not use the voicemail that Laney has listed for me
  • My e-mail address is

Online/Hybrid Classes

  • Please pay close attention to the syllabus guidelines for communication
  • In order to do my best to serve all my students, I set boundaries around questions. Here are some general things to think about before you message me with a question:
    1. Is it something you could look up in this syllabus, or in Canvas?
    2. Have you watched the lecture screencast pertaining to your question?
    3. Have you checked out the Student Orientation button on our Canvas home page for support resources? (including help with technical aspects of Canvas)
    4. Is your question something you could address with your study group?
  • If you have considered the points above, and you need to contact me, please message via Canvas
    1. I may take 24-48 hours to address a message, not including weekends
    2. If either you or I feel the issue is best addressed in a Zoom appointment, I will schedule an appointment as soon as possible
    3. Please note that I will not address questions about material for an exam, if that exam is already open
  • Please note that any communication regarding Letters of Recommendation, or any other communication after the semester you are enrolled is over, is best done through email (NOT Canvas messaging)