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Below are pics of the tissues that Human Anatomy and Human Physiology students are required to learn in my classes.  In some cases, a tissue is represented at different magnifications.  These are meant as ONE study tool for the tissues – for example, you could download the files to make your own flashcards.  Further information about the tissues and how to recognize them is presented in class.  Many thanks to the two students who took the photos for the benefit of all students:  Brenda Covarrubias and Donna Ozawa.

For the best view, open in a new tab (generally a right-click or two-finger click depending on your device) or download the file.

Simple Squamous Epithelium

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

Simple Columnar Epithelium

Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium

Stratified Squamous Epithelium, 10x

Stratified Squamous Epithelium, 40x

Transistional Epithelium

Areolar CT, 10x

Areolar CT, 40x

Adipose CT

Reticular CT

Dense Regular CT, 10x

Dense Regular CT, 40x

Dense Irregular CT

Hyaline Cartilage CT, 10x

Hyaline Cartilage CT, 40x

Elastic Cartilage CT

Fibrocartilage CT

Bone CT

Blood CT

Cardiac Muscle

Skeletal Muscle

Smooth Muscle

Nervous Tissue

Nervous Tissue