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APASS Student Ambassadors

APASS Student Ambassadors



Waikit Lam was born and raised in Guangzhou, a city in the southern part of China where the culture of dim sum originated. One of his many hobbies is to try different kinds of food in the Bay Area, but Cantonese food will remain his favorite.

Three years ago, Waikit began his studies in Accounting at Laney College and will receive his Associate degree in Business Accounting in the Spring semester of 2019. His ambition is to be accepted by UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business.

In addition to his time studying for his degree, Waikit held a position as a Student Ambassador at Laney’s Welcome Center where he met many ESOL students.  During that time, he gained an understanding of the issues that ESOL students face which add more difficulty than what students who are fluent in English do not experience.  Not having language mastery often leads to other issues such as financial hardship.  Dealing with these difficulties alone and without help can be challenging, That’s the major reason why, last year, he took the opportunity to join the APASS program; so that he can use his newly acquired knowledge, insights, and experience to assist other ESOL students to achieve their goals.

“Kit” understands that problems that he experienced first-hand complicated by language barriers and financial hardship, make it much more difficult for ESOL students to pursue their academic and career goals. All students should have support. That’s the reason he joined and is a valued member of the APASS program.

Manni Huang speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. She was born and raised in the vibrant Chinese city of Guangzhou. Because she likes being in the company of people of different backgrounds, Manni was motivated to become a Student Ambassador at Laney College. For the past two years, she worked at the Welcome Center at Laney.

Looking for a different challenge, Manni started working for the APASS program. After two years of study at Laney, she received her A.A. degree in Social Science and will be transferring to a four-year university.


JUNXIAN HE, also goes by “SAM”, is from China. He speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.
Because of the interest in Japanese animations, he decided to major in Japanese. He is planing to transfer to a four year university in the future. Although his Japanese is not very well, he will try his best to help others if they need translation.

“For one more thing, I’m very very very crazy in Pokemon Go. If you also like Pokemon Go, let me know and we can do the raid together.”


Aiming Xu was born and raised in China, and she’s fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Aiming is a student worker for APASS at Laney College in addition to working at the Library Audio Visual Department. She’s currently working on her AA degrees and wants to transfer to a four-year university. In the recent past, she worked as a canvasser for a non-profit organization that reached out to all Asian voters to explain some new bills to get more votes from voters in California. Her favorite quote is from Joe Vitale, “ A goal should scare you a little, & excite you a lot”.

Jielin Huang was born and raised in China and immigrated a year ago to the United States. She is an Accounting major and is trying her best to contribute to the Laney community.

Working at Laney’s APASS program – a program that helps our ESOL students – she discovered that many Asian-American students, such as herself, encounter unique challenges by being Asian-American.

Presently, she helps promote events and programs that are designed to improve the academic and cultural experience of the ESOL students at Laney.  She also designs all of APASS’ flyers.

Since she is majoring in Accounting and wants to use her knowledge and skills to best serve her community, she ran for and was elected to the position of ASLC Treasurer.

She is the co-founder of the Asianrific! Club – a club that provides a platform for international students to share their customs, values, and cultural experiences.

Student Ambassador: APASS

Student Worker: Public Information Office

Treasurer: ASLC

Co-founder: Asianrific! Club

ESOL Teacher Aid

Born and raised in Mongolia, Zolzaya Bayarsaikhan is an international student at Laney College planning to transfer to a 4-year university. She founded Magellanic Clouds, a morning club whose purpose is to help people develop themselves collaboratively as a community.

Zolzaya works as an ESOL embedded tutor and as a tutor at Laney’s Writing Workshop.  She works in the classroom under the instructor’s guidance to help students understand course concepts and enhance students engagement.

Her favorite motto is “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges”.


Zhenkeng Lin is an international student who was born and raised in Guangdong, China. Because he wants to enrich his experiences while studying aboard, he decided to become a student ambassador at APASS program in Laney College.  He also goes by “Kyle”.

Majoring in business,  Kyle is planing to transfer to a four-year university. He likes to play Rubik’s Cube, because he can always use different ways to restore it. He also likes photography because he really enjoys the process of exploring the beauty in life.

Lien Tran, known as Kim, was born and raised in a small city named Hue in Vietnam. Start studying Banking and Finance at Laney College three years ago, her education plan is to get an A.A degree and apply OPT afterward. Since she has started working for APASS program as a student ambassador, her main motivation comes from providing excellent service to every customer whom she comes to help with. “I’m motivated by the fact that, when I finally solve the student’s problem, seeing the smiles on their faces makes know that I have just helped many people like me in the past, who need help with either English or life experiences.” She also likes to watch the TV shows because “Through what I have watched, I probably learn a ton of significant lessons that I could never ever know.”



Dennis Urbina –  was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, the smallest country in Centro America. He is a Castellano native speaker that has lived in rural and urban areas in El Salvador.  He migrates to the United States in September 2015 for the opportunity to have a degree in Economics and live with his mother.  He was a student at Oakland High School where he completed 3 years in the program Newcomers.  He is currently a full-time student at Laney Community with an intended major in Business Administration and his career goal is to pursue an AS-T degree to go the California State East Bay or U.C. Berkeley.

He encourages students to form part of the Puente Program for English and to visite the APASS program located at Gym 112. English for those who want to improve their linguistic skills and be part of a family and APASS for all the students that need or want help to create a student educational plan with our counselor.