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Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) at Laney College is a great program for anyone who is interested in construction and wants to get familiar with the management skills required for working as a management professional or expanding entrepreneur skills required for small businesses.

Laney College has two certificate programs. They are a Certificate of Proficiency in Construction Management (CCM) and an Associate Degree of Science (AAS) in Construction Management. We also offer Certificate Programs in Building Inspection with a Certificate of Proficiency for Inspection Services (COP).

cmt_photo2This program is designed to educate students to be prepared for work as managers in residential and commercial construction projects. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be employed in the industry at multiple levels of entry level as project engineers to senior level Project Managers. Our program offers real life skills that are demonstrated by professionals that are working in the industry and provides students with relevant and current information on trends in the marketplace. The Construction Management Department has an Industry Advisory Council (IAC) that works with the college to establish best practices and benchmarks of achievement for students to work towards and achieve academic excellence. They will leave with skills that support best practices upon completion of their respective programs.cmt_photo3

Recent additions to the program include the participation in the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Green Schools Program and the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). These nationally recognized associations participate in various activities on campus and allow for students to gain professional exposure to relevant projects and industry events through engagement with the school. We are underway in forming a Association of General Contractors (AGC) and a Women in Construction(WIC) for Fall 2016

Emphasis in the program is placed on understanding the best practices of design and construction, project management, scheduling, estimating, contracts and business aspects of construction, and sustainable designs principles for construction management. Upon completion of respective programs, students are “work ready” and able to understand basic principles and concepts for simple project management tasks.

Summer sessions are being offered this Summer.  The introductory courses that will be offered are  CONMT 10- Intro to Construction Practices and CONMT 20 – Blueprint Reading and Interpretation.  These courses are fundamental courses for the program and are prerequisites for other courses in the Fall that will begin your CM Program at Laney College.  Both courses will be offered for Summer session beginning June 17 – July 26, 2019 on Monday -Wednesday from 6:00 p.m.-8:50 p.m.

Please check with the class schedule for exact locations and days and times:



Please sign up as soon as possible because we anticipate classes filling up quickly. If you need more information contact your counselor or the CM Department Chair:

Department Chair:
Melissa McElvane

Construction Management at Laney College