Laney College

Technology Planning Committee

Technology Planning Committee


  1. Document the current state of technology utilization and staffing;
  2. Assess how effectively current technology is being utilized;
  3. Assist the college in developing a comprehensive technology plan;
  4. Identify, prioritize, and recommend areas for expansion, access, and maintenance of technology utilization to enhance instructional programs, student services, and the management of the college;
  5. Identify, prioritize, and recommend both on-going and specialized training needs for maximum utilization of technological resources;
  6. Identify, prioritize, and recommend staffing for technology usage;
  7. Collect, evaluate, prioritize, and recommend technology proposals for implementation;
  8. Recommend funding strategies and priorities for technology spending;
  9. Advise the District Technology Committee about the information technology needs and concerns of Laney College; receive and provide regular reports from the District Technology Committee, review and respond as appropriate.

Meeting Times:

2nd Thursday, 1:30–3:00 p.m., T-750 or online


Technology Planning Committee Co-chair – Balamurali Sampathraj
Faculty Co-chair – Nathan Failing


Dr. David Lee – Admin/Dean
Lilian Chow – Faculty/Counseling
Reginald Constant – Faculty/Librarian
Daniela Pachtrapanska – Faculty/CTE
Melissa McElvane – Faculty/DE
Larena Baldazo – Classified/PIO
Janice Browne – Classified Rep.
Tuan Doan – Classified/IT
Annie Yuen – Student Rep.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Committee Documents:

All Technology Planning Committee meeting agendas and minutes can now be found on Boarddocs. Please click here to view the Boarddocs site.