Andrea Vonny Lee, Ed.D., Chair of Dance

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Dance Classes I teach by course number:

64,65,66,67 (Jazz I, II, III, IV); 68, 69, 70, 71 (Modern I, II, III, IV); 864 (Hip-Hop Jazz); 72,73 (Jazz Tap I, II); 001 (History of Dance); 06 (Dance Production); 8A (Dance Composition & Choreography); 80,81,82,83 (Haitian Folkloric Dance I,II,III,IV w/Dunham Barre); 07 (Dance Study Abroad); 48, 49 (Selected Topics/Independent Project Supervision)


Department Chair of Dance; AA Dance Advisor; Dance Curriculum Developer; Study Abroad Faculty Lead; Community Liaison.

Resources for Dance Faculty:

Resources for Dance Majors:

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High School Dance Day:

Ms. Lee with students from Kennedy High (Richmond, CA) and Laney dancers.