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Laney’s Dance Department provides an extensive curriculum in dance theory and practice that is socially and culturally inclusive through which students can experience a wide range of dance perspectives, genres, develop their choreographic voice, and explore freedom of movement while preserving the history and integrity of the dance discipline. We embolden students with 21st century intercultural competencies and job market skills, applicable to any chose field.

The Department of Dance offers an Associate Arts Degree in Dance that provides an extensive curriculum in dance theory and hands-on technical and experiential practice in the context of a broader education within the Liberal Arts. Our dance courses meet CSU/UC transfer requirements.

Q: Why are students who pursue careers in the arts highly desired by employers and considered to be model critical thinkers?

A: Dance helps you to develop intercultural communication skills which may be the most valuable of all competencies for employers due to their cross cultural and cross curricular applications. The study of dance provides you with 21st century global education and intercultural competencies that extend way beyond the classroom.

Students who study the arts possess a diverse mindset with a leniency toward global leadership!

Q: How can I benefit from choosing the AA Dance major?

A. You can…

Transfer to Post-secondary Performing Arts Programs  and many other majors!

When you complete the AA Dance Degree requirements, at Laney College, you have fulfilled all of your basic 60 unit GE pattern for transfer. Of those 60 units, 19 units are the Dance Degree portion which are CSU and UC transferable. Students wishing to transfer to the CSU or UC system or other private college should meet with an academic counselor to develop a transfer plan which addresses all general education and lower-division transfer requirements. (Yvonne (L) used her AA Dance degree to pursue professional mixed martial arts and Samantha (R) used her AA Dance degree to transfer to Long Beach State to earn her BA and is now at NYU pursuing her master’s degree in Public Health. (Watch some of our videos to see Yvonne and Samantha in dance motion!)

Q: What types of career opportunities are there for someone who majors in Dance?

A: The Associate Arts Degree in Dance extends to the following careers and more!

  • Dance Education: Pre-K – 12 teachers or teach in colleges and universities
  • Professional Dance: Choreographers, Performers, Studio Teachers
  • Arts Administration: Artistic Directors, Executive Directors, Fund Developers; Festival Directors
  • Fitness Studios: Dance and fitness studio owners and managers
  • Health & Wellness: Personal Trainers, Mindful Body Conditioning
  • Arts Advocacy: Public Policy in the Arts; Grantmaking; Grant Writing
  • Therapeutic Practice: Dance Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy
  • Stage: Broadway, Lighting Design, Film & Television, Stage Managers
  • Recreation: Youth Instructors; Camp Counselors; Program Coordinators & Directors
  • Journalism: Dance critics; Arts editors; Column writers for newspapers

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