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AI & Laney College


What to do about artificial intelligence?

This is an issue that we can look at as the glass half empty or the glass half full.  Whether we like it or not AI is here to stay and has been here for a long time already. There is also a quick video that summarizes the history if you prefer videos. The Wall Street Journal also has a video specific to Chat GPT. So just like we all pivoted when the pandemic closed campuses, we also need to reflect on how we want our students to interact with AI in our classes.  Our students are smart and curious, so they have probably already started using it.

To start, what are your basic policies on plagiarism?

You should already have clear and supportive policies outlined in your syllabus on plagiarism.  Just copy and pasting an answer from AI is considered plagiarism depending on your polices.  Review Peralta’s policies to update your own.  Specifically, review section A.8. which addresses plagiarism.  Let students know if you consider using AI as falling into this category.  San Diego Mesa College Library has a good example of a plagiarism statement.

Is the sky falling?

There are clearly very nefarious uses of AI, but same with medicine, cars, grades, and most everything else.  You can decide if it is all bad or only bad in certain circumstances.  You may want to try using AI to show your students how it can be helpful and how it can go very wrong.  City College has an excellent web source from their DE Coordinators.

The information on this webpage is continuously being updated.  If you’ve found something that you would like to see included please email your Distance Education Coordinators.