Laney Facilities Planning Committee

Laney Facilities Planning Committee

Laney College Facilities Planning Committee

Committee Charge:

To ensure effective utilization of college facilities that support educational programs and services, the Facilities Planning Committee reviews and makes recommendations on all facilities matters – including both long-term and short-term facilities changes such as new construction or remodeling of current facilities; establishing partnerships within the community regarding local development, reviewing funding, and setting priorities for facilities projects.

To accomplish this the FPC:

  • Recommends policies and develops procedures for submission of physical changes and/or utilization changes of facilities.
  • Receives and reviews submissions and presentations for all proposed facility changes and/or utilization.
  • Evaluates and documents assignment of facilities with respect to adequacy for programs.
  • Integrates program review results/Educational Master Plan updates into the College’s Facility Master Plan annually.
  • Monitors ongoing projects and communicates updates regarding campus facilities.
  • Develops and facilitates collaboration and communication between the Laney FPC and the District

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