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Statistics Teaching Workshop – May 10th

Statistics Teaching Workshop – May 10th

 Statistics Workshop Schedule 

GAISE Report – this is the report that we first started with, when we started our Community of Practice around teaching statistics.  The report is LONG, but there is a short summary of 6 recommendations at the beginning and there are neat problems in the appendix that you can use in your classroom.  Here are the 6 recommendations:

  1. Teach statistical thinking.
    1. Teach statistics as an investigative process of problem-solving and decisionmaking.
    2. Give students experience with multivariable thinking.
  2. Focus on conceptual understanding.
  3. Integrate real data with a context and purpose.
  4. Foster active learning.
  5. Use technology to explore concepts and analyze data.
  6. Use assessments to improve and evaluate student learning.

Daniel Najjar’s Presentation: OLI and Activity Based Learning

Daniel Najjar’s Slides

(Will post handout once received)

Christine Will’s Presentation: Study Skills/Support Course Resources

Window of Tolerance

Window of tolerance instructor version

Window of Tolerance student handout

Assignment Calendar

Study Skills Grade Instructor Cheat Sheet

Study Skills Grade w Guiding Qs

Study Skills Grade

Weekly Study Plan

Tech Exchange (in Oakland, free phones, computers, data plans, etc.)

UPDATED Creating your OLI course for Math 13

Survey for Today’s Workshop

Survey for Statistics Teaching Workshop