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Professional Development Days 2021-2022

Professional Development Days 2021-2022

Professional Development Day Schedule, October 20th:




8-8:30am: Ease into the day with Amy (Amy Bohorquez)

Description: This early morning yoga session will focus on a soft awakening of the body to be sure we are in a good place for the day. Comfortable clothes and a bit of space are all you need. If you are in your office, I will also be providing seated options of you don’t have space to stretch out and options if you are seated in a chair.





9-9:15am: Brief announcements and President Besikof’s address

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KEYNOTE PANEL (9:30-10:50am)




Description: Come join us for an enlightening, inspiring, and informative discussion with some of Laney’s amazing students!  The student panelists will share a little about themselves and then also talk about their successes and challenges during COVID.

*Please note that the link for the keynote is different from the opening session

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11-11:50pm:  What the heck are ILOs??!!  Come learn what they are, how they can be EASILY assessed, and why this all matters! (Rebecca Bailey and Felipe Wilson)

Description:   In this session, you will learn about the great resources and tools available to assess Institutional Learning Outcomes, how they relate to our accreditation, and what they mean for our school and our students.  This session is open to ALL areas that work directly with students.  We will discuss the ILO surveys that can be easily used for almost any activity on campus, we will examine the common rubrics that can make assessment easier, and we will have a Q&A portion of the session.

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12-12:50pm: Doing Online Evaluations: Best Practices (Inger Stark)

Description:  Are you having to do evaluations of online classes?  Are you being evaluated for your online class?  Have questions about what to do or what not to do?  Then this session is for you!  Join Inger Stark for a discussion about best practices in doing evaluations, and for being evaluated, online.

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12-12:50pm: WordPress – Updating Laney College Websites (David Santamaria)

Description:  Come learn how to use WordPress to update, or create, websites for you, your department, or your service area.  Tips will be given for those just starting out and for those with some experience.  Learn how to make your website POP!

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12-12:50pm: Supporting Students as We Return to Campus (Nate Failing)

Description:  Come join a discussion with Nate about how we can best help all of our students as we continue our return to campus.  Please bring any questions you have about accessibility and accommodations.

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1-1:50pm  Return to Campus Updates for Faculty (Ron McKinley, Inger Stark, and Jeff Sanceri)

Description:  This session includes updates about processes for faculty returning to work on campuses. There will be a brief presentation by Interim Vice Chancellor Ron McKinley, and then lots of time for Q&A.




*Please note the different start and end times for these sessions

2-2:50pm  Creating A Dynamic Distance Education Class (DE Committee)

Description:  Are you over distance education? In the DE committee, it’s our life! So, join us as we follow up on some of the student comments in the morning session student panel.  We’ll discuss some basic ‘Do’s’ of distance education.  We’ll show you modules and classes from our own Laney faculty.  And we’ll discuss more formal professional development opportunities you can do to build a better online class for your students AND for you (because you are doing the grading, and the emailing, and the building of content).

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2-2:50pm  ConexED Overview – Meeting & collaboration platform for student support

Description:  This Fall Student Services will all be training with the goal to launch ConexEd in Spring 2022. ConexEd’s Platform including Cranium Café is an opportunity for us to improve our distance and on-campus services to our students including appointments, workshops, scheduling and other ways students can access us for support. It will also allow us customize and automate how we communicate with students and to use one platform so we can easily move students between our services when they need to be referred. Come join our informational session!


2-2:50pm  Program Review Help!  (Rebecca Opsata)

Description: If you have any last-minute questions about your program review, we are here for you! Drop-in with your questions about program review data, processes, or technology and our panel of experts will be here to help you.


2:30-4pm How to Create Tools and Rubrics to Assess your Student Learning Outcomes (Steven Zetlan, Tiffany Wu, Cheli Fossum, and Rebecca Bailey) 

Description:  Are you comfortable creating assessment tools and rubrics appropriate for your SLOs? Come learn the steps involved in creating a tool that fits your outcome (with a matching rubric), and how that fits into the overall process of “getting it done” with assessment. Learn to build an assessment from the ground up, AND how to use an existing assignment/rubric to assess an outcome. We’ll show several examples, with lots of interactive opportunities. Not sure how to assess a particular SLO for your course? Bring your SLO and we’ll help!

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3-3:50pm Drop-in IT Session (Laney’s IT team)

Description: Drop-in at any time to get help with using the Peralta Portal apps and with uploading vaccine information.


3-3:50pm Opening up: OER for an affordable Laney!

Description:  Think about how much does it cost to be a student in your class? How does that impact who enrolls and persists? What are Open Educational Resources and how can they help your students succeed and thrive at Laney? In this session, Laney’s new OER committee will explain how OER works, discuss how it impacts students, and how instructors can benefit.

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