Umoja-UBAKA Student Success Community


The Umoja-UBAKA Program at Laney is designed to promote academic success for African American community college students through classes, tutoring, workshops, community building, study spaces, and mentoring. We are open to all Laney students. The Umoja Program gives you access to culturally relevant classes that are transferable, academic support, college admissions preparation, community engagement, mentoring, and a supportive academic community!

Umoja-UBAKA Student Benefits

There are many benefits to participating in a culturally-responsive learning environment. Here are few benefits, specific to our program:

  • Counseling & Advising support
  • Obtain Leadership Skills
  • Learn Community Organizing
  • Tutoring Support
  • Computer and printing lab
  • Study Lounge Village Space
  • Workshops promoting student success and community involvement
  • Textbook loan program (for Cohort members)
  • Transportation vouchers (when applicable)
  • Connection to other students participating in events
  • Culturally relevant classes and professors focused on your support and success
  • Community of Students & Staff
  • Field Trips & College Tours

Umoja-UBAKA Student Commitments

Though Umoja-UBAKA is focused on the African American experience, any student is eligible to apply who meets the following the requirements:

  • Take at least two Umoja-UBAKA identified courses per semester
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA, while striving for 3.0 or higher
  • Attend at least three Umoja-UBAKA workshops or other activities per semester
  • Meet with Umoja counselor at least 2 times a semester
  • Attend at least one college tour per year
  • Support all members of your Umoja Community

The Umoja-UBAKA Mission is to serve as a critical resource for enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African, African American and other students. We deliberately and intentionally recognize student voices, social realities and histories. Umoja-UBAKA promotes self and community empowerment through an affirming atmosphere and culturally-responsive curriculum specifically focused on the Black experience. ALL students are welcome to be a part of Umoja-UBAKA.