Due to COVID-19, the Umoja Village is currently operating virtually/online.  Staff is available by phone, email, and Zoom. Please check out our website for information, resources, and important links.

Please Note:

  • Umoja- UBAKA will no longer be located in Eagle Village . 
  • NEW LOCATION: Student center  Rm 300 (3rd fl)
  • Virtual Village : Umoja Virtual Village 


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 What is the Umoja-UBAKA Student Success Community?

The Umoja-UBAKA Program at Laney is designed to promote academic success for African American community college students through classes, tutoring, workshops, community building, study spaces, and mentoring. We are open to all Laney students. The Umoja Program gives you access to culturally relevant classes that are transferable, academic support, college admissions preparation, community engagement, mentoring, and a supportive academic community!

 Umoja spring 2022 application