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Faculty: Understanding Accommodations

Faculty: Understanding Accommodations

Accommodation Instructions for Instructors 

 Please review the verified DSPS students’ accommodations, which are updated each semester. Our office has included instructions for Accommodations that require the involvement of Instructors. 

**Note that not all accommodations will be the responsibility of the instructor.  


  • The student is responsible for requesting a note-taker from Instructor  
    • The instructor will ask the class and/or by email if there is a volunteer who would be willing to share their notes for another student in class. (The DSPS student will remain anonymous) 
  • The announcement for a note-taker may be made multiple times if a note taker is not found.  
  • Once a note taker has volunteered: 
  • If the DSPS student is comfortable revealing their identity, the Instructor may connect the DSPS student directly with the student note taker OR  
  • Notetaker emails/delivers notes to DSPS office (laneyDSPS@peralta.eduOR
  • Notetaker emails/delivers to instructor and instructor forwards notes to DSPS student  

Test taking  

  • The student is responsible for requesting extra time for each test 1 WEEK prior to the exam.
  • During Lock Down, extra test time request will be emailed to the instructor by the student.
  • The instructor will add appropriate time to their test on Canvas, etc.  
  • When Lock Down is over: 
    • The student will complete the Student Section of the Alternate Testing Request form (forms found at the DSPS office) 
    • The student will turn in Alternate Testing Request to their Instructor 
    • The instructor will complete the Instructor Section of the Alternate Testing Request form  
    • The instructor will email ( or drop off a copy of the test with Alternate Testing Request form to the DSPS office  
    • DSPS staff will proctor exam according to the approved accommodations and parameters signed off by Instructor 
  • Tests will take place the same day/time as the scheduled test. Alternate arrangements will be made if needed. 
  • All other testing Accommodations will be provided by the DSPS office. 
  • Recording lecture 
  • During Lock Down: 
    • The student is responsible for requesting recording from the instructor
    •  The instructor will record Zoom lectures and email to the student  
  • When LockDown is over:  
    • The student will inform the instructor they will be recording the lecture  
    • The student is responsible for their own recording device and recording lectures

All other accommodations will be administered by the DSPS office. For more info visit our webpage – Faculty support FAQ’sPlease email for questions.  

 Thank you for your dedication in helping our DSPS students. We are happy to partner with you!