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Online Evaluation Procedures

Online Evaluation Procedures

Online Evaluation Procedure for Moodle

Step 1: Evaluator contacts DE Coordinator and provides the following information

  • Name of evaluator
  • Name of instructor being evaluated
  • Name of course
  • Course code
  • One week time frame when evaluator would like to be added to the course to observe a learning unit

The DE Coordinator will then provide access to the course during the requested time frame. She will also add the evaluator as a “teacher” to the student evaluation shell. It is recommended that the evaluator keep the student evaluations open for around two weeks. It is also important to note that the instructor may select a learning unit for the evaluator to observe.

Step 2: Instructor contacts students about the student evaluation

  1. Instructor adds the Student Evaluation Shell link into the class shell with a request/suggestion that students use the link to complete a class evaluation.
  2. Instructor sends communication to students via Moodle announcements, quick mail, messaging, or whatever they normally use, requesting that students complete the class evaluation; it’s helpful if they include the link in that email also.  Below is a set of instructions that can be included, although most online students would figure it out without instructions.

Step 3: Evaluator contacts students about the student evaluation

  1. Evaluator logs into Moodle, clicks into the evaluation shell, and changes the status from hide to show so that it is visible/accessible to students.  Once it is changed to show, the evaluation shell will appear in students’ list of classes in Moodle.
  2. In the evaluation shell, the evaluator then sends a communication via “quickmail” to all enrolled students about the evaluation and requests that they complete it (include a deadline); it’s helpful to include the link here too, and/or attach the instructions.

Suggested email (feel free to modify):

Dear Students,

Next time you log into Moodle, you will see a link titled, “Student Evaluation” with your list of Moodle classes.  This link allows you to participate in an evaluation of your online course and instructor.  The process will take you no more than 5 minutes, and your responses are completely anonymous.  The feedback you give will be reviewed and the information will then be shared with your instructor.  This allows your instructor to hear from you (anonymously) so that they can refine and improve the course, this semester and in semesters to come.  We hope you will take a few minutes to give us your ideas, comments and suggestions.  Please complete the evaluation before date.



Step 4: Evaluator conducts observation and documents student evaluations

  1. Evaluator goes into class shell to conduct the observation (the evaluator will only have access to the class during the date range specified in the request).  The form used for online observations is the same form used for classroom observations.
  2. When the deadline has passed for the student evaluations, the evaluator goes into the student evaluation shell, and changes it from “show” to “hide” so that it is no longer visible/accessible to students. Evaluator then clicks into the evaluation, and then into “view all responses”  to see student responses. To share these data with the committee and evaluee:
    1. print the page as a hard copy for the evaluation file
    2. save the page as a PDF to email and/or print later

Questions about this process? Email ccohen@peralta.edu