Political Science


Political science concerns itself with the study of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels. It examines such important phenomena as power, political parties, voting and political behavior, international relations, bureaucratic administration and public policy.

Through political science courses at Laney College, students learn about the interaction of individuals and institutions within political systems.  Students taking political science courses will have the opportunity to improve their analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as develop their research abilities.

With an understanding of the political system, and the role of people within that system, students will be able to identify the sources of political problems and the ways to make their communities a better place.

Politician on a stage getting his picture taken

A degree in political science can open up a variety of career paths in both the public and private sectors. While some careers may require additional education or specialized training, a political science degree provides a solid foundation for understanding political systems, public policy, and international relations. Here are some career options you can explore with a political science degree:

  1. Government and Public Administration:
    • Public Policy Analyst
    • Legislative Assistant
    • City Planner
    • Political Consultant
    • Public Affairs Specialist
  2. International Relations:
    • Diplomat/Foreign Service Officer
    • International Development Specialist
    • International Trade Specialist
    • Intelligence Analyst
    • Nonprofit Organizations working on global issues
  3. Law and Legal Services:
    • Lawyer/Attorney
    • Paralegal
    • Legal Analyst
    • Legal Researcher
  4. Political Research and Analysis:
    • Political Scientist
    • Policy Analyst
    • Political Researcher
    • Think Tank Analyst
  5. Journalism and Media:
    • Political Journalist
    • News Reporter
    • Editorial Writer
    • Political Correspondent
  6. Business and Corporate Sector:
    • Corporate Analyst
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Specialist
    • Lobbyist
    • Business Development Analyst
  7. Education and Academia:
    • College/University Professor
    • Researcher
    • Education Policy Analyst
  8. Nonprofit and Advocacy Organizations:
    • Campaign Manager
    • Advocacy Coordinator
    • Fundraiser
    • Community Organizer
  9. Research and Analysis:
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Social Researcher
    • Data Analyst
  10. Intelligence and Security:
    • Intelligence Analyst
    • Security Analyst
    • Homeland Security Specialist

Remember that networking, internships, and gaining practical experience through volunteer work or entry-level positions can enhance your employability and help you explore specific areas of interest within the field of political science. Additionally, pursuing advanced degrees, such as a master's or a Ph.D., can open up more specialized and higher-level career opportunities in academia, research, and certain government positions.