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Chem 1B Handouts

Chem 1B Handouts

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HW 1B Brown 14th Ed All Chapters

HW all 13th Ed Brown

HW 1B Brown 12th ed


1B HW all S08 Brown 10th ed




General Handouts:

Fossum Syllabus Chem 1B Spring 2021

Chem 1B Lecture Schedule S21

Writing Lab Reports with procedure Aug 2018

Lab Notebook Check rubric revised 8.2016

Prelab Example


Pointers for answering explanation questions:      Explanation Questions – Pointers Chem 1AB 1.1.17


Things to Know from Chem 1A for Chem 1B

Periodic Table of the Elements

Significant Figure Rules 1A 2012

Significant Figure Rules for logs



Checklist for Graphs rev 8.8.17

Interpreting Graphs rev Oct 2017

Graphing appendix

Making Graphs (and calc) Using Excel 2016 rev Jan 2019




Names of Common Elements and Ions

Solubility Rules

Ions and Ligands to Know





How to approach equilibrium problems

Increasing yield calculation

Le Chateliers calculation


Acid-Base, Buffer notes

Gaseous Equilibrium problems

Answers to Gaseous Equilibrium Problems


Practice Equilibrium Problems corrected

Practice Equilibrium problem answers


Practice Problems Buffers

Answers to Practice Problems Buffers


More Acid/Base Buffer Problems

Answers to More Practice Problems Buffers


Indicator colors


Other Handouts:

Redox balancing oxidation number method

redox balancing with examples

Reduction Potentials, page 1       Reduction Potentials, page 2


Answers to Additional Questions from Homework:

Ch 16 additional problem

Answers Ch 17 part 2 additional questions

Answers Chapter 19 Additional Questions

Answers Chapter 20 Additional Problems

Organic HW answers


Organic Chemistry:

Organic Chem HW problems 1B

Organic HW answers

Intermolecular forces