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Laney College

Online Education at Laney College

Online Education at Laney College

Welcome to Distance Education at Laney College

Welcome to the Distance Education website for Laney College

The Laney Distance Education initiative is designed to:

  • Support excellence in online teaching and learning
  • Reduce education gaps in student achievement
  • Ensure that all online and hybrid classes meet federal, state, and accreditation standards

For a more comprehensive review of distance education at Peralta, visit our PCCD Distance Education Website

How Do I Access My Online Course?

  • Moodle will no longer be available starting August 20th, 2018!!
  • Beginning Fall 2018, we will only be using Canvas as our learning management system.
  • To log in to your Canvas account, go to portal.peralta.edu. 
  • Log in using your Peralta email address and password
Canvas Login Information
Access Canvas Here: portal.peralta.edu

Canvas Student Login Instructions

Canvas Student Resource Website

Canvas Faculty Login Instructions

Canvas Faculty Resource Website


  • Call Canvas 24/7 phone support: (844) 600-4955
  • To reset your Portal password, email helpdesk@cc.peralta.edu