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Distance Education Committee: Charge & Members

Distance Education Committee: Charge & Members

On October 3, 2017, the Laney Faculty Senate voted to approve the formation of a Distance Education subcommittee.


The Laney College Distance Education Committee will serve as the college’s primary recommending body on matters related to distance education – specifically, focusing on supporting excellence in distance education teaching and learning; recommending policies, procedures, and resources to support effective, innovative, and equitable distance education at Laney College; and support consistent and continuous commitment to improving student learning and success in the online environment.


  • Inform and engage the campus community in strategic planning related to distance education
  • Identify distance education strategic goals and create college distance education plan to improve online student learning
  • Ensure that college distance education plan and goals are based on data and analyses
  • Support Laney College distance education classes to meet federal, state, and accreditation standards
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the college’s planning and resource allocation as it impacts Distance Education and make recommendations for changes

DE Committee Membership: 2019-2020

District DE CoordinatorInger Stark
DE CoordinatorChelsea Cohen
Co-Chair, AdminDirector of IT, Rupinder Bhatia
Co-Chair, FacultyYiPing Wang
Liberal Arts/Social Sciences FacultyVacant
CTE FacultyAlta Erdenebaatar
Student Services FacultyDoug Cobb
STEM FacultyLaurie Allen-Requa
Foundation Skills FacultySuzan Tiemroth-Zavala
Classified ProfessionalIolani Sodhy-Gereben
Classified ProfessionalMichel Edibe-Bile
AdministratorDean Mark Fields
AdministratorDean Peter Crabtree
Student at largeVacant