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The Photography Department provides students with a fundamental knowledge, aesthetic, and technical skills necessary for occupations in photography. Emerging shooter or Pro, we can help you build. Rich, dynamic classes are lead by talented, long-practiced commercial professionals in the field. The Studio and Classroom are well equipped and spacious. Using the latest in digital methods for capture, processing and image production, we bring this all together to present an exciting and unique experience simply not available anywhere else. Quality gear is provided for all classes. All are welcome.

A photography degree can open up various career opportunities in the creative industry. Here are some potential career options for individuals with a photography degree:

  1. Commercial Photographer: Work in advertising, marketing, or editorial photography, creating images for clients or publications.
  2. Portrait Photographer: Specialize in capturing portraits for individuals or families, working in studios or on location.
  3. Wedding Photographer: Capture special moments on couples' big days, documenting weddings and related events.
  4. Fashion Photographer: Collaborate with designers, models, and stylists to create compelling images for the fashion industry.
  5. Photojournalist: Tell stories through images, documenting events, news, and social issues for newspapers, magazines, or online platforms.
  6. Fine Art Photographer: Create artistic and expressive photographs for galleries, exhibitions, and personal projects.
  7. Product Photographer: Work with businesses to showcase their products through visually appealing images for marketing and e-commerce.
  8. Freelance Photographer: Pursue a self-employed career, taking on various projects across different genres, such as events, portraits, or commercial work.
  9. Travel Photographer: Combine a passion for photography with a love for travel, capturing images of landscapes, cultures, and people from around the world.
  10. Photo Editor or Retoucher: Use your post-processing skills to enhance and edit images for photographers, publications, or agencies.
  11. Curator or Gallery Manager: Work in art galleries, museums, or cultural institutions, managing and curating photography exhibitions.
  12. Educator or Workshop Instructor: Share your knowledge and skills by teaching photography at schools, workshops, or through online platforms.
  13. Digital Imaging Specialist: Work in industries like advertising or printing, managing and optimizing digital images for various applications.
  14. Media Production: Contribute to film or video production as a still photographer, capturing images for promotional materials, behind-the-scenes content, or documentaries.
  15. Social Media Content Creator: Use your photography skills to create engaging content for social media platforms, either for personal branding or as a social media manager for businesses.

It's important to note that the photography industry is competitive, and many photographers often combine several of these roles or diversify their skills to enhance their marketability. Networking, building a strong portfolio, and staying updated on industry trends are crucial for success in this field.

Photography Courses

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Introduction to digital photo
Pro Classes - The Pro Cluster

As Professional Commercial Photographers we don’t work in a vacuum. We are supported by our Technical Advisory Board, made up on long-standing successful pros, photo business owners, Alumni, and local luminaries.