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About Me

I’ve been teaching chemistry at Laney since 1992! I love my job, and I love community colleges. I went to one myself after high school, and I’m so glad I did. I was able to have small classes, get to know the teachers well, and felt comfortable and welcomed. When I transferred to UC Santa Cruz, I was very well prepared. I graduated with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. I went to UC Berkeley for graduate school in chemistry, and about 6 months after graduating, I started working here.

It’s important to me that my students learn the material thoroughly. I want my students to be very comfortable solving a wide variety of problems. I also want them to have a good conceptual understanding of chemistry. My classes are a lot of work, but if you pass, you will really know your stuff!


Contact information:


Office phone:     510-464-3272

Office location: Room A236A, which is inside of lab room A236. To get to my office, enter room A236 and my office will be the first one on the right.


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