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Student Awareness Campaign

Student Awareness Campaign

Institutional Learning Outcome Student Awareness Contest

Deadline extended to April 23!


Update: the photo can be a selfie or it can be taken by someone else.

You can take a photo next to a banner OR an ILO poster. Don’t forget to include the caption. (Which ILO is most meaningful to you and why?)

If you’d like, you can post a video in front of one of the banners or posters in which you explain which ILO is most meaningful to you and why.


Which ILO is the most meaningful to you?

Win an iPad Air 2!

Win a $100 Laney Bookstore gift certificate! (3 available)

Win a 32 GB flash drive! (5 available)


Laney College has five Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs). These are the skills that we hope you gain as a result of your studies at Laney College. The list of ILOs can be found in most classrooms and offices. Every class and activity that you do at Laney should be related to at least one of these outcomes.

This contest is only open to current (Spring 2015 semester) Laney students and employees.

Contest ends on April 23, 2015


ILO contest flyer, S15

Student ILO Contest S15


Which ILO is the most meaningful to you?


Directions for entering the contest:


  1. Find an ILO poster in one of the classrooms and decide which ILO has the most relevance to what you are learning at Laney College.
  2. There are five different large ILO banners, located at different places around the campus. (The library, the tech center (F-170), the cafeteria, the third floor of the Tower, and in the hallway between the Welcome Center and Admissions.) Each of these large banners has a unique “slogan” that’s not found on the ILO posters in the classrooms. Find the ILO banner that is most meaningful to you, and take a selfie or photo of yourself in front of the banner.
  3. “Like” the “Laney College LAC” Facebook page.
  4. Post your selfie on this page. Along with your photo, post a statement of why you chose the ILO banner you did: why is it meaningful or important to you? How does the ILO relate to your educational goals at Laney?
  5. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you may enter the contest by e-mailing your selfie and caption to:
  6. If you win, we will send you a private message via Facebook. We will also verify that you are a current student at Laney.



How do I win?

The posts with captions that thoughtfully answer the questions in #4 above will be entered into a random prize drawing. The prizes for this drawing are:

  • An iPad Air 2 in gold.
  • A $100 gift card to the Laney College Bookstore
  • five 32GB flash drives


The post with the most “likes” wins a $100 gift card to the Laney College Bookstore.

The most creative post will also win a $100 Laney bookstore gift card.


Faculty and Staff may also enter the contest.  Faculty and staff could win one of five $20 gift certificates for the Laney Bistro. In your caption, explain which ILO best relates to what you do at Laney and why. Winners will be randomly chosen.   Please specify that you are faculty or staff in your post.



Contest details are available on:   (Facebook Page)


Or search for “Laney College LAC” on Facebook




ILO Contest Information


The purpose of the contest is to make students aware that Laney College has five Institutional Learning Outcomes, what those five outcomes encompass, and how they apply to their courses.


The Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are broad statements of what students should be able to do when they complete courses at Laney. Everything we do at Laney – every course, every student service – should be related to at least one of these outcomes.


We would like to raise awareness among students and faculty about these outcomes, and we want students to start thinking about which outcome is most related to each class they are taking.


In addition, the ACCJC (the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges), which accredits Laney College, requires that students be made aware of the learning outcomes for their courses (SLOs), the programs they’re enrolled in (PLOs), and the institution as a whole (ILOs). We hope that this contest will raise awareness of these outcomes and engage both students and instructors in reflecting on and discussing the outcomes and how they apply to Laney courses.



This is from our previous contest:

ILO Awareness Contest, Fall 2014

Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) student awareness contest flyer and entry formStudent Awareness Contest Flyer, F14