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January 19th, 2024

morning session

Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

1 – 2pm Foundations of Program Assessment

Description: Does your department offer a degree or certificate, perhaps many? If yes, you’ll know the joy of working on program assessment this semester! Even if your department doesn’t offer its own programs, you likely teach courses that are part of multidisciplinary programs. We invite all departments to send one or two representatives to this session to learn the foundations and discover the supports available. We promise two things: it’s not as hard as you think it might be, and it’s very useful for your department! Please join us for this session and support this work, which is critical to Laney’s accreditation status.


PDF of presentation: LAC_Program Assessment Presentation_S23

Recording: Foundations of Program Assessment

August 18th, 2023

11am-noon: Assessment & ILO Data

Description: A review of the newest ILO survey data and discussion of possible action plans to take on an institutional level. All are welcome! We ask instructional departments to ensure 1-2 representatives attend

Zoom link:

Several spreadsheets were sent via email by Rebecca Bailey on 8.15.23 at 1:30pm. Please search for that email to access data.

Recording: Assessment & ILO Data

January 20, 2023

1-2:30pm: Why Should I Do Assessment and What Can I Get From It?  

Description: Come hear from your peers about how they used assessment to improve student learning in their classrooms and in their departments. And stay for some personalized help in our breakout rooms.

*This is an ONLINE session 

Zoom link:

Recording: Why Should I Do Assessment and What Can I Get From It? All departments should be working on assessment of ILOs and PLOs this spring. Check out the recording for more information and guidance from Laney faculty who have experience with assessment.

 Helpful documents:

PD day spring 23 program assessment

LAC_ILO Presentation_Spring 2023

Assessment Discussions Fossum

August 19, 2022

12-1:30pm: What have we learned?  Assessment and collaboration (Learning Assessment Committee)  

Description: Come join this exciting discussion!  We will be talking about successes and challenges in our classes and reviewing Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) assessment data.  Additionally, we will be talking about things we might like to do in future classes and how we can work across disciplines to help our students succeed.  This will be a chance to reflect, share, and collaborate.  For those that want to get a head start on looking at the data, check out the documents below.

Zoom link:

Helpful documents for this session:

Graduating Student ILO Survey(1-77) 8.15.22

ILO 4 Survey Ethics(1-40)

March 15, 2022

1:30-2:20pm:  How to Create Tools and Rubrics to Assess your Student Learning Outcomes (Rebecca Bailey and Felipe Wilson) 

Description: Not sure how to assess a particular SLO for your course? Bring your SLOs and we’ll help! Learn to build an assessment from the ground up, OR how to use an existing assignment/rubric to assess an outcome. This is a follow-up to the Fall 2021 session – we recommend you watch the previous session recording to prepare, though it is not a requirement:

Zoom link:

Zoom Recording

Please note the helpful documents from the October 2021 afternoon session, below.

October 20, 2021

Morning Session – for EVERYONE, especially faculty and classified professionals who work directly with  students

11-11:50pm:  What the heck are ILOs??!!  Come learn what they are, how they can be EASILY assessed, and why this all matters! (Rebecca Bailey and Felipe Wilson)

Description:   In this session, you will learn about the great resources and tools available to assess Institutional Learning Outcomes, how they relate to our accreditation, and what they mean for our school and our students.  This session is open to ALL areas that work directly with students.  We will discuss the ILO surveys that can be easily used for almost any activity on campus, we will examine the common rubrics that can make assessment easier, and we will have a Q&A portion of the session.

Zoom meeting room: 

Zoom Recording

Morning Session Documents

PD Day Assessment MORNING Agenda

Afternoon Session – Primarily focused on faculty and assessment of course level outcomes (SLOs)

2:30-4pm How to Create Tools and Rubrics to Assess your Student Learning Outcomes (Steven Zetlan, Tiffany Wu, Cheli Fossum, and Rebecca Bailey) 

Description:  Are you comfortable creating assessment tools and rubrics appropriate for your SLOs? Come learn the steps involved in creating a tool that fits your outcome (with a matching rubric), and how that fits into the overall process of “getting it done” with assessment. Learn to build an assessment from the ground up, AND how to use an existing assignment/rubric to assess an outcome. We’ll show several examples, with lots of interactive opportunities. Not sure how to assess a particular SLO for your course? Bring your SLO and we’ll help!

Zoom meeting room: 

Zoom Recording

Afternoon Session Documents

PD Day Assessment Afternoon Session Agenda

Assessment, Steps to Getting it Done

How to Create Appropriate Assessment Tools

Simple Example Rubrics

ESOL example for PD day 10.20.21

Rebecca’s example rubric, observation

Rebecca’s example survey

PD day presentation- Tiffany Wu

October 20, 2020

1-2:50pm Assessment Extravaganza! 
Description: It’s an Assessment Extravaganza! Help your department satisfy the Program Review requirement for participation in Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) assessment. Part 1: Campus-wide Discussion of ILO Assessment Data help look at data collected for ILO #4 (Global Awareness) and create action plans; Part 2: Laney’s New Approach to ILO Assessment learn how to do ILO assessment two ways.

Data summaries show survey questions and colorful charts.

Spreadsheets show detailed responses.

Global Awareness Survey Data

Link to Data Summary

Download Data Spreadsheet: ILO 4 Survey Global Awareness(1-239) 10.16.20

Social Justice Survey Data

Link to Data Summary

Download Data Spreadsheet: ILO 4 Survey Social Justice(1-150) 10.16.20

August 2020

Program Review Training – Stage 1

Writing a Mission Statement documents
Assessment documents
  • Assessment Plan
    • Download the document below, read the instructions tab, then go to the SLO and PLO tabs to plan
    • Assessment Planning Doc 20-21 (this is the same as the document above, but now we’re using it to set specific semesters to assess each outcome – if you already have a copy, you are all set!)
  • assessment questions for CPR/APR – Instructional Units, Admin Units, Service Units (draft)