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Department Chairs Assessment Training

Department Chairs Assessment Training

Purpose and Process

This training has two main purposes:

  1. To walk you through how to complete the assessment section of your Comprehensive Program Review (CPR)
  2. To encourage you to develop ways to sustainably maintain assessment in your department

How to use this training:

ALL the parts of the training are important, especially if your department lacks experience with completing assessment.

  1. Read the information on this page, and watch the videos
  2. As you work on your CPR, refer back to the written documents that accompany some of the videos
  3. After you have completed the training on this page, you will meet with the Assessment Coordinators, who will address your questions about the training, and advise you in regard to the specific needs of your department (these meetings typically will occur in September of the fall semester your CPR is due)

What are you going to get out of this training?

  • Foundations – the background information you need to write the assessment section of your CPR, and to set up your department for a successful future with  assessment
  • Planning – how to create an assessment plan
  • Addressing the CPR Questions – what are the assessment questions in the CPR, and how to best address them


The CPR Rubric


Video (6 minutes)

Departmental Best Practices

Written Instructions

Best Practices in Assessment, Department Level

Assessment, Steps to Getting it Done

Video Instructions (10 minutes)

Existing Department Assessments

SLO Assessments

Written Instructions

Instructions for searching Meta

Video Instructions (less than 5 minutes)

Program Assessments

Check here to see if your department has published program assessments

Programs and Outcome Mapping

Video Instructions (about 5 minutes)

Stipends for P/T Faculty

Full-time faculty, as part of their regular jobs, are expected to complete assessment according to the Peralta Board Policy and accreditation standards. Part-time faculty may earn a stipend for their assessment work. Details here.


Find the Most Recent Template

Assessment Planning Document

Video Instructions (27 minutes)

Addressing the CPR Questions

Video Instructions (7 minutes)