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Training Materials

If you are looking for training designed for Department Chairs and others involved in Comprehensive Program Review (CPR), CLICK HERE

Below is a visual representation of how each level of assessment in Meta connects to the others. For an enlarged image, right click on the document to open in a new tab.

Searching Meta

Find Your Own, Or Your Department/Cluster Assessments

Written Instructions

Instructions for Searching Meta

Video Instructions

less than 5 minutes

Find A Program (Degree/Certificate) And Outcome Mapping

Video Instructions

Very helpful for developing assessment plans and prioritizing assessments (about 5 minutes)

Level 1

Written Instructions

Written step-by-step instructions on data entry, including screenshots: Meta Instructions Laney Assessment

Video Instructions

The 33 minute training video below provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the META Assessment Module to enter assessment data. While it’s mainly about data entry, there are some tidbits about how to do assessment. The training video has been transcribed and can be accessed here:  Meta Assessment Training Level 1 Transcript

Topic Time
Intro and Login 0:00 – 3:43
Where your assessments live 3:44 – 4:38
Create proposal 4:39 – 5:45
Division, Dept, Title 5:46 – 9:36
Main (includes saving) 9:37 – 15:10
Assessment Methods/Tools (includes Success Criteria and uploading files/Attach Files tab) 15:11 –  21:10
Assessment Results (includes Delivery Method) 21:11 – 25:25
Reflection 25:26 – 27:00
Action Plan (includes choosing next assessment date and finishing up) 27:01 – 32:52

Video Instructions for the ILO tab

coming soon!

Best Practices

Already know the basics of Level 1, and you’re ready to step up your assessment game? Ready to see the true value of assessment? This section is for you!

Written Instructions, for individual assessments

Simplified, one-page document: Assessment Best Practices Training Doc

Video Instructions, for individual assessments

For more details and examples, check out the video (about 15 minutes)

Looking for Department Level Best Practices?

click here

Levels 2 and above

Level 2

P/T faculty can earn an increased stipend for a Level 2 assessment! Details here

Written Instructions

Simplified, one-page document:  Level 2 Training Doc

(watch the video for details on creating the Level 2 proposal in curriqunet Meta)

Video Instructions

The first 6 minutes cover what “levels” mean in Meta, how they relate to each other, and why you would need a Level 2 assessment. (about 15 minutes total)

If you are returning to this video for a quick review of how to create and fill out a Level 2 proposal, feel free to jump to 6: 19

Levels 5 and 6 – Program Assessment

Please note that you should complete the other training on this page to prepare for this section. In particular, locating your program and outcome mapping, and completing Level 2 assessments, are key.

Written Instructions

These are the PowerPoint slides that cover the basic principles of program assessment and how Meta connects foundational SLO assessment to program assessment:

Program Assessment, Levels 5 and 6

Video Instructions

(total 44 minutes)

The first 21 minutes cover the basic principles of program assessment and the big picture of how assessment works in Meta. From there, we get into curriqunet Meta and show how to create Levels 5 and 6, to finish off your program assessment.


Use the following link to “self enroll” in the Canvas class created to help with all things assessment.

Enroll in Canvas Assessment Class