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2013 The ILO Launch Party

2013 The ILO Launch Party

On January 17, 2013, during one of Laney College’s Flex Days, we held a Party where we started a dialog about how our courses, our programs and/or the work we do at Laney College is connected to our Institutional Learning Outcomes.  We had previously introduced these ILO’s to the Laney community through mass email and through the Faculty Senate, but this was our initial attempt at creating a dialog among Laney faculty and staff about the work we do that connects to each of our ILO’s.  (Click here to see our ILO’s)

At this event, we first discussed each ILO and what they meant to our students and to us as a community and as a college.  We watched a short video on what we would have to do with ILO’s in taskstream (and had a follow up workshop the next day where we provided one-on-one help with mapping in taskstream).  After this short presentation, we broke up into 5 separate groups, one for each of our ILO’s, and had the participants choose a table to sit at that they think would connect in some way to their work, program or courses.  At each table, there was a facilitator (from the Learning Assessment Committee) that would help guide the discussion.  After about 30 minutes, we switched to a second table and had a second discussion (so that each participant would get to talk and listen to 2 ILO discussions of their choice).  We had 2 questions in mind:

1. How do the courses you teach or how does the work you do relate to this ILO?

2. What assignments do you already assign or what work do you already complete that can document this connection?  (can’t remember the exact wording)

This event was very successful!  We had over 60 faculty, administrators and classified staff represented!!!  And a diverse range of disciplines were present!  We felt that the discussions fostered were rich, thoughtful, intriguing and even enlightening at times.

These were comments from various faculty in the “Critical Thinking/Problem Solving” ILO group:

Session 1:

 Photo1  Photo8  Photo6   Photo5

Session 2:

Photo9   Photo2 Photo4